Chico State vs. UCSD

Sunday workout: 6 miles with music 30 min of 30 Day Shred

Last Sunday after our 20 miler, P and I met up with an old work associate of mine at UCSD. He was down to root the Chico State girls soccer team on and since P and I never miss an opportunity to don our Chico apparel/colors and cheer our alma mater on we decided to join him. The beat UCSD, psh of course. We all know I have a sick and unhealthy amount of love for Chico. Meh, I’m cool with it.

There aren’t many schools that can boast this…

Playboy Magazine’s #1 Party School

Today we ran for an hour before my knee started to kill me and it started to rain. All signs pointed to going home. I did 1.5 levels of Jillian’s 30 Day HELL Shred, at a Rubio’s beer battered fish burrito because it’s Sunday and I can, and called it a day.

The best part of JM was watching it bootleg style from Japan or somewhere.

P lost my copy so we got ghetto. Watch out SOPA.

I think my knees were hurting because my shoes are shot, so I ordered up the Saucony Kinvara’s today. I rolled over to the Saucony website to check out the reviews and OMFG look who I found.

Nice review HRM. I feel like a stalker now.

I’m not sure but I think P may be getting a little jealous of all the time I spend with Siri. You see, though, it’s not my fault. I destroyed my (super) old iPhone (2, yes the 2, it was that old) so P bought me the new iPhone. He refuses to embrace Apple anything, but I will get him to come around eventually. I think he is just pissed that I’m asking anyone but him for directions.

Not only does he rock for buying me a new phone, be he also spent last evening putting together our new bed, yay! I am a happy girl with a new comfy mattress and super cute bed.

Time to sleep


3 thoughts on “Chico State vs. UCSD

  1. Your bedding is super cute! Love it ๐Ÿ™‚ I ran my last Half Marathon (Rock N Roll San Antonio) in the Kinvaras and my CALVES WERE KILLING ME. They have a really, really low heel drop, to mimic the natural running form … they’re for speed. I guess I am not speedy. I just bought the ugliest, yet they’re great, new Asics Gel Cumulus 13’s — they’re good for my high arches and have a lot of forefoot cushioning, since I midfoot strike.

    Way too much foot talk, like whoa. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ahahahahahah! Too freaking funny. Yes I am a saucony lova. The Kinvara 2’s are awesome. I rotate 2 pairs of them along with the Cortanas. You are used to the 4mm drop so it will be an easy peasy transition for you. They have a ton of cute colors, ha!

    How is taper going?! Woohoooo VEGAS BABY!

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