Taper Time and Expert Fashion Advice

Thursday workout: 4 miles and strength

Friday workout: 3 brutal miles

Just a little taste of Brightrooms fab photog skills since I didn’t take a camera on these runs… I need a tan yo.

Saturday workout: 6 miles, 8:45pace finally feeling normal

It’s taper time baby. I have to say the lower mileage is pretty amazing. I haven’t gotten the taper crazies yet. My happy place for exercise seems to be 5 days of 4-6 mile base runs (maybe swapping out one of those days for a cardio class) and one long run per week. I really want to run a long run tomorrow, but P and I will keep it reasonable. My legs get SUPER restless when I don’t exercise so I will be working out right up until the Friday before the Mary,and even then will be walking and possibly doing a short 2-3 mile jog or something.

(jog photo)

I’m still physically tired from the 20 miles. Weird. All of my runs this week have been with legs of lead, not cool body, not cool.

My dad left town yesterday. Way sad. You know how most people only see their family 1 or 2 times a year and that is plenty? My Pops does not fall into that category. He is super easy to be around. While he was here I was happy the fam got to take him out for a belated birthday dinner at Karl Strauss Brewery. We even got birthday cupcakes from Cups bakery. We never got a chance to golf (well, he would golf, I would struggle along) Torrey Pines which is both less than 3 miles from our house and one of the top rated golf courses in the country, so he has good reason to come back.

Thanksgiving is coming up and I can’t wait. I read this PSA regarding Thanksgiving (from abbyhasissues) and it really made me chill out about the holiday. Well, not to mention that P and I were taken in as Turkey Day Orphans by a friend of mine. We will be doing the holiday with her family which is something amazing to be thankful for on its own.

(love this)

I get lots of questions about my sunglasses (probably because I never take them off, my bad). I know the hardcore running thing to do would be buy a pair of certified bad ass Oakleys that are made for sports or something, but that’s just not me.

I grew up in Santa Cruz with surf culture that heavily influenced my (sometimes horrendous) fashion choices and some things just stuck–like watches, I can’t imagine a time in my life where I will pass up a Nixon watch for a Michele or a Rolex. And sunglasses, I’ll always lean towards the surf brands more than the designers.

All of my sunglasses are VonZipper.

The big ones are these:

VonZipper Elmore

(random just because gift from P)

The smaller black ones that are much more condusive to sitting on my TINY nose while running are these:

VonZipper Fulton (Christmas gift from P)

My favorite pair ever were these:

VonZipper Saffron

I lost the last one’s on P and I’s Great American West Road Tour last summer.

They are likely on the side of the Rocky Mountains, or maybe the Grand Tetons, I’ll have to recap that trip some time.

My dad is fosho the best houseguest ever. Not only did he leave an obscene amount of Corona Light in the fridge (the man knows his daughter), and a bunch of flowers for me, but he also left a sweet goodbye note with money. I don’t think he has the capability to turn off “Dad mode” even though I keep telling him that I am fine. He still thinks of me as the baby…

Alright, it’s time to go kick out 6 miles and see if my legs have finally recovered. Oh, and go pick up our new bed! ๐Ÿ˜€ yay!


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