Mile Dedications and the 20mile Recap

Monday workout: strength and 2.75 mile recovery run at night

Tuesday workout: strength and 4 mile run (still feels like a recovery run omg)

GirlsThatRun had an amazing idea to dedicate miles during a race. I am so nervous and excited to run a marathon in 3 weeks and I want to dedicate the miles 14-26 to the important people in my life. This will be my longest race to date and I know I will need some extra motivation when the going gets tough.

Mile 14- Phil: we started this journey to become runners together, he has been with me almost every step of the way and as we cross over into the 14th mile, it will be the start of new distances for us. This is the longest road race either of us has ever done and I know he will look at me and we will be happy to do it together. I could not ask for a better teammate. Running is a solo sport for so many people, something they do to clear their head and get space, P and I run to be together.

Today was one of those busy days at work that is a total blur! I went for a jog with P on my lunch break because my fam being in town means that it’s extra tough to leave my nice warm house in the early a.m., when I could be hanging out with them over breakfast.

Four miles at lunch and I was SWEATY! I had to run the office myself in the afternoon so I was a bit frazzled from 1-2pm. I also inhaled my lunch at warp speed, it was a little scary. I don’t know if running on my lunch break will be a regular thing, but it was nice to get a little workout in midday.

It also involves bringing a bagillion bags to work with me.

More presents at work!! One of the college students who worked in our office got a real life job (psh whatever) and graduates in a few weeks and SHE made us gifts, how sweet is that? There were Hershey’s kisses in there, those didn’t last long.

The little dish is an oven safe mini loaf pan! I can’t wait to make some HG Banana Bread in it and split it with P for breakfast!

But now…

Let me recap the 20 miler!
P and I were pretty damn nervous about this run. We had tried it… twice, to no avail. With tapering starting we knew this was our one shot. I was tired, we had family in town, it rained Friday and Saturday so we had to wait until the very last day, Sunday to give it a shot.

Blue skies and perfect temps awaited us.

We got an early start and I mistakenly wore long sleeves. By the 3rd mile I was rolling those bad boys up. P asked if I wanted to Gu/ShotBlok every 45 min. It seemed a little too often to be, but seriously I was willing to eat a cheeseburger every mile if someone told me it would work.

I ate 2 ShotBloks every 45 min and had 1 gu instead of SBs at mile 14 or so.

We ran an out and back but it was 12.5 miles up and 7.5 miles back. My brother in law picked us up at the bottom of a giant hill. We were happy to run down it, but there was no way I could run up that bad boy at the end of a 20 miler.

I had Hal Higdon in my head telling me to run it slow at first and fast at the end. We started at a 9:30 pace and my plan was to hold that until mile 15 and then speed it up if we still felt good. As you will see from the splits, we steadily increased our pace until the end.

At the flip around point I was feeling good, pushing it hard, taking in water every mile or so and killing it. At mile 13ish I really picked it up, and P started to fall a step or two behind. I threw him a few thumbs up and knew that he would keep up. We also saw some of the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk for a cure ladies and gents out and we cheered each other on. (Big thanks to my sister for hooking it up with a french braid!)

We pushed, I kept telling myself “This is the back 9 (golf reference is for you dad) get your game face on, push at this pace until the next stoplight, the top of the hill” etc.

At mile 17ish P shoved a ShotBlok in my hand and I just ate it, I was hurdling over dogs, dodging people and not letting anything slow me down.

At mile 18.5 my body was in a bad place. My hips hurt, the bottoms of my feet felt bruised, my left knee was hurting in a totally new, awful way. Then, my legs started to shake, with every step they would wobble and falter. I was losing my breath and everything hurt.

P and I chugged some water, he told me I could do it. I had less than a mile of uphill left and then it was all downhill. I took off and found my kick somewhere deep inside of me. Our last mile was an 8:00:xx beast.

We jumped in the ocean for our ice bath (amazing). My right foot is more blister than skin at the moment and my hamstrings are sore. They have never ever been sore.

Laura, Doug and the kids picked us up with bagels and OJ and I spent the rest of Sunday feeling like Billy Bad Ass.


10 thoughts on “Mile Dedications and the 20mile Recap

  1. Does your work have a shower??? I’ve always thought a mid day run would b nice but worry about how schweaty and disGUST I’d be after!

    1. We do, sort of. I work at a university so there are lots of gyms, but I only get an hour for lunch. I have time for a 4 mile run and 10 min to change before and after the run before I have to get back in the office. I feel like anything shorter wouldn’t be worth it.

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