Aquarium, and I Wear a Baby Bjorn

Workout catchup (for my own records, mostly)

Monday: spin and strength

Tuesday: 4 mi and strength

Weds: Run (1.5mi), Spin and strength

I came to work to find a present! My friend/coworker Andrea thought it was funny/creepy in a drug dealer way that I brought my vitamins to work in a tiny Ziploc bag, like the ones extra buttons on your shirts come in… or like the kind that crack cocaine comes in…

She bought me this! Awesome, right? Now I look like a cute drug dealer with a designer pill case. Ok, on the real it makes me feel less creepy.

I finally did something I have wanted to do since moving to SD! The fam and I went to Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. It is literally down the street from the apt. and P and I had never gone! I love aquariums and was super stoked to go. It was the usual, fishes, squishy underwater creatures you could touch, awesome shark photo ops and an all-around good time. We checked another thing off of the “Do in SD” list, yay!

Also amazing:

Me rocking the Baby Bjorn. Baby Ash just mellowed out the whole time, it was awesome… and a workout!

Lilli loves high heels and she has stolen mine every day and been running around in them. Seriously, is there anything more adorable than this?

More marathon prep questions…

I’ve been training in 2mm drop Newtons and am a natural forefoot striker. Should I opt for a more cushioned shoe for the Mary to help with foot/leg fatigue or stick to the more minimalist shoes I’ve trained in?


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