My first 10k!

Sunday workout: Del Mar Iron Girl 10k + 6miles with OUaL, ChaCha and P

Remember how I bonked on my attempted 20 miler last weekend and I said I would spend a whole post explaining what happened? Well, I’m not going to do that anymore. I had a bad running day I guess and that meant I ran 13 instead of 20 last Sunday. You know what, though? As far as running goes, I killed it today.

I woke up semi on time but even still, figured I would be able to make it over to Del Mar with time to spare, I had everything laid out and ready to go. P made me a cup of coffee and some b-fast and I went to work on my tangled mop of hair.

It took me a ridiculous amount of time to get ready, I was basically just dragging ass, but soon enough it was 6:30am and we needed to go!

The race was at the Del Mar Fairgrounds/Racetrack which is surprisingly pretty. I really want to get out there and see a horse race next season.

I had a blast of nerves in the car when I realized that this was the first time I would be running a race solo. My goal pace was an 8:30 mile, which I decided on based on the MacMillan running calculator. I was nervous, but P grabbed my hand and told me to focus. It worked like a charm.

The Iron Girl was an all women event, which was really, exceptionally special and fun. Seeing the young girls, and mother daughter teams was awesome. The morning expo had food, drinks, samples, coffee, merchandise and LOTS of bathrooms with no lines. Amanda ran up and found me at the start line and we hung out and pep talked until the gun.

She killed it, and on a recovering knee injury no less. Yeah girl!

Since the course was an out and back I was able to see OUaL, and P was able to snap a photo!

I think HRM finished 12th, OUaL wasn’t far behind her and Heather PRed! It was a good race for all the Ragnar girls! I missed ChaCha on the course but she caught up with us at brunch.

P was a spectator and did amazing. I started out running an 8:15ish mile and felt really good, but didn’t want to overdo it, so I stuck with that for the first 2 miles. Then, I decided I wanted to push a little more and gradually increased my pace to a 7:45 or so through the finish. P cheered me on at 3 or 4 spots and had a big, goofy, proud smile on his face. I finished with a 49:30 time! Out of like 5 pages of finishers, I made it to the first page! πŸ˜€

Yes, that made me really really happy.

HRM, ChaCha, Heather, OUaL, me

Post race all of the runners were given a medal, muscle milk, powerade and a full breakfast. I munched down half a banana and some sliced melons that P had bought for me before we set off on another 6 miles with ChaCha and OUal.

Running with these girls was fun. We chatted and kept a fun sub-9 pace. After that second workout I was ready to eat.

Naked Cafe is a small breakfast and lunch spot in Solana Beach. The menu is vegan/vegetarian/meat lover friendly and the food is really good. Expect a wait on the weekends though. The rain held off pretty much until we jumped into our cars after the second run. One last Ragnar teammate made it out to brunch with us, BrokeRunner made the trip out for post race noms. She is healing up from one of the most wicked injuries ever and hasn’t been able to run in a while. She is a fellow SD Ragnar girl so I foresee some happy hours in our future. She was all cute and non sweaty, totally unfair I say.

Some quinoa, egg whites and fruit salad later I headed home to be in a food coma and watch Running the Sahara with P. The rain made it feel like a total “stay in and watch a movie day”. I felt pretty hardcore after my two workouts, until I saw these three men run the 4000+miles across the Sahara.

I suppose there are always higher peaks to summit, right P?

I have decided I really dig the 10k distance. Anyone have other favorites? I’m sure there are crazies out there who love the ultra. Maybe that will be me one day ha.


14 thoughts on “My first 10k!

  1. Girl you killed it!!! Way to go! The first page!!! Yeeeaaaahhhhhh πŸ™‚

    I love the 10k distance- not too short, not too far πŸ™‚ I wish I would have just done 6 with you all and went to b-fast. Instead I barely got any grub in and my plan to complete 21 on the day was a fail. Oh well, there is always next weekend right?!

    P is awesome by the way. You have a keeper!! He is coming to Vegas right?!? HELLO FUN! Can’t.freaking.wait.

  2. We are like a pink, blue, and black clothed posse. Thanks to P for taking good pics!

    You rocked it! Took for foooorever to break 50 in the 10K (finally did this year in Redondo Beach) and you did on the first try! Excellent!

  3. Muchos gracias, P, for the visual proof of my heel-strike and duck-foot toe thing pulling forward. Who needs to pay for a gait analysis when you’ve got a rockstar photog?

    Fun fun day. Awesome race. See you again soon.

  4. Way to rock it Sis!! I hope one day to be able to run a 5k much less a 10k! You make me miss running!! Maybe one day I’ll start again..

  5. I love Running the Sahara! Besides Charlie’s shadiness, it’s a really inspiring movie. I signed up for my first half marathon after watching it… cuz 13.1 is just like running across a barren desert, obvs.
    Good job on the run!

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