Iron Girl 10k

Prepping for the Iron Girl 10k in Del Mar tomorrow!

I’ve got my outfit all set out. Forever 21 leggings, pink Adidas long sleeve w/ monkey thumbs, Garmin, Bib belt, Lululemon socks, Adidas sports bra, Newtons and my shuffle <– winning outfit.

We got some pretty sweet shwag at the bib pick up. As you can see I was Em Effing hungry so I have already eaten all of the food the gave me.

BTW… wtf is a SoftCup?! Weird. Of course this is handed out at a women only event.

The style of the shirt is cute! The color is terrible. Who does anything athletic and for women have to be baby blue or baby pink. Lame.

Wish me luck, it’s my first 10k! (It’s supposed to rain tomorrow!)

See y’all at the finish line… so we can run some more… and then get breakfast. Women after my own heart :).

Anyone else running races tomorrow? Good luck and I can’t wait to read all about them <3!


4 thoughts on “Iron Girl 10k

  1. OK, I didn’t know what h#$$ the soft cup was either. I had to open and read the packet. Only at a chick race.

    Just wait til tomorrow, they usually give out all kinds of awesome stuff! This race is fun!

    See you in the morning sister ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Good luck!

    haha not going to lie, I have used a soft cup before (my aunt and uncle had samples sent to their business), and it actually wasn’t too bad. but I’ll stick with tampons.

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