Marathon Training and Weight Loss

Tuesday workout: 15min of strength training + 4mile run. 9:20 pace

Wednesday workout: 15 min of strength + 55min of spin 365 calories

Thursday workout: 15min of strength + 4 mile run. 8:57 pace

Yes, I know, this week has been full of 4 mile runs, but effing-A I feel good. I was really starting to feel like I had lost my mojo. I had spent a solid 12 weeks loving running and all of a sudden I was resenting it. Running in the early a.m. is starting to grow on me, too.

It’s November. I have a long standing love/hate relationship with Fall. I love the holidays, the family time and the chance to go back up north for a visit. I hate the food and all of my deep rooted food anxiety that comes with this time of year. Already I am wishing the Halloween candy would just get consumed. My strategy for tempting food has always been– avoid it. Keep it out of the house, the kitchen etc. This time of year means social situations where I stress eat, and eat the foods which are not on my pre-approved “Don’t be a Fatass” list.

To help offset this issue I really wanted to make November a month of weight-loss (I say this about any month). A month where I focused on will-power, doing what is best for my body, being respectful of other’s food choices and embracing my own.

I had this crazy plan, but you know what? Eff that. Honestly, I am so tired of comparing myself to everyone else. I should take a page from the books of all of these women that I look up to as athletes. They all seem to focus on fitness first and worry about weight loss second. Carb-loading meant a 3lb weight gain but a 3 second PR? Hell yes. I am focusing on health, being in tune with my body and working really really hard for—well, for as long as my body allows. Maybe one day I will even stop counting calories, but hey—baby steps…

November 4, 2010 I made a huge decision. I sought help for my disordered eating. I stopped trying to starve myself, I admitted that I had a problem, an unhealthy relationship with food. Now, 1 year later, I know I am healthier and stronger, but I want to continue growing. I want to be a better runner and I really hope that 5lbs of weight loss comes with it.  However, my main focus has got to be happiness. Running 18 miles a day 4x a week is amazing, but it isn’t realistic to me right now. I’m convinced that the women who do this are superhuman and just here to make us look bad ;-). Trying to maintain a wicked calorie deficit and push my body to run farther than ever before also isn’t realistic.

It’s time to focus on getting my body to a place to run 26.2 miles (forreal? I’m crazy).

Speaking of running. This weekend is the Del Mar Iron Girl 10k. I was peer pressured into signing up by the Ragnar girls. Honestly, I’m stoked to run my 6 miles, regroup with the ladies, run some more and then head to brunch at Naked Café. My FAV breakfast spot.

What’s your motivation? Do you train to run? Train to lose weight? What motivated you to start spending more time and money at Runningwarehouse than anywhere else?


5 thoughts on “Marathon Training and Weight Loss

  1. I want to applaud this post. Eff that. YES. I think we all get caught up in the “lose-5lbs-so-I’ll-be-prettier/faster” mind set. And that may or may not be true.

    But I’ve decided that, for me, it’s not worth it. The amount of calorie counting and deprivation I’d have to do to get to “race weight” would make me miserable. And who wants to be miserable?? So I choose not to. I choose to be healthy, to do more speedwork, more hill work, more miles, and more things that I love. I choose to focus on the important things – things to make me stronger, things that make me a better wife, a better friend. 5lbs won’t change a damn thing about that stuff. So why be miserable for it?

    Enjoy this holiday season!

  2. You GO Ash!!! You are SO incredibly gorgeous, you deserve to love yourself for all the awesome that you are 🙂 Can’t wait to see you at the finish line…if you stick around an extra half hour when I’ll be draggin my ass in 🙂

  3. your “Don’t be a fatass” list made me laugh!!! I know This month is FULL of temptation for me… my birthday and Thanksgiving! And the cold weather just makes you want to cuddle up in a sweater… not ideal for weight loss. The BF and BFF keep asking me what I want to do for my birthday and all I can think of is ‘ummm not gain weight??’

    Congrats at the 5am wake up calls… you’re an inspiration 😉

  4. You are GORGEOUS and have a body AND the fitness women would kill for…embrace how far you have come! (and enjoy your journey sista)….that being said, I understand exactly how you feel, keep up the positive outlook.

  5. Love love love this. Focusing on health is so important yet so easy to forget! Especially when we live in a town of beach barbie dolls. Just saying 🙂

    You are a beautiful gal inside and out and I love your positive outlook. Keep on keeping on!

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