Halloween Fun

Sunday workout: attempted 20 miles, bonked at 13

Sunday was supposed to be our longest run to date. I bonked.I cried. I sat in the freaking hot sun and talked about how frustrated I was. Phil picked me up and got me to hammer out a few more miles. We called it. I wasn’t hydrated enough and I ran over 9 miles yesterday, but I cannot figure out why I totally ran out of gas both mentally and physically. This run will get a whole post of its own later.

For now let’s focus on the fun stuff from this weekend.

For Halloween I was going to be a fairy princess, however my costume was WAY too skanky for me so I last minute swapped to plan B. My friend Andrea had the amazing (and easy!) idea for a marathon runner costume so I dressed up as Kara Goucher. While I was dressing up as my idol, SkinnyRunner was meeting her… check it out here. Lucky B.

Halloween in SD is a sh*tshow. There is no other way to put it, so apologies for the crude language.

I was probs the least scandalous lady out last night, although our group was pretty tame. We went for cute, not cooter-showing. We even had a punky bruster!!!

A crazy legit bagpipes and drum duo was rocking out in costume. Every British citizen and girl on the street hit on P-money. It’s cool he deserved the love. Kev, the tall Saudi bought his costume in Saudi Arabia… forreal. He was so authentic that all of the middle easterners LOVED it and took pictures with him all night. He was doing more cross culture peace building than the last 3 presidents combined. They kept asking if he was born in the middle east. He is a 6’5” Irish man from Chicago…

Occupy San Diego did a march which I thought was pretty cool. Have I mentioned I was a politics major, so I love any (nonviolent)activism that comes out of my generation? Warms my little Federalist Paperwrapped heart.


Next weekend will be an unofficial Ragnar meetup while abunch of us girls run the Del Mar Iron Girl 10k. I was peer pressured into this run via Twitter. Nicely done ladies, nicely done.

I’m feeling like I need to drop a few lbs before the holiday season really kicks into gear. Not sure how weight loss and the end of marathon training will play out, but I have a plan…I hear lots of advice against weight loss while marathon training. Thoughts? My recovery month after the Mary is going to be wholly dedicated to weight loss and mental happiness. I’ll outline my master plan ASAP.


3 thoughts on “Halloween Fun

  1. Wait, did you just say weight loss?!? Girl, you have a rockin’ body!

    If you ran 9 the day before your body may have just needed a day of rest. You never know how the legs will respond. Some days they will give you 20 the next day they will give you 1. Such a brutal game it plays with our mind!! When you mentioned hydration that is my number one run killer. If I do not drink enough in the days leading up to a long run I am toast.

    You looked super cute as Kara!! You and P are too cute for words 🙂

    Can’t wait for Del Mar!! Wahooooo!!!

  2. You’re the cutest little marathon runner ever… and way more comfortable than a skanky high heeled costume! I agree with hauterunningmama… I think 9 miles before a long run might be too much. I’m not a marathon training expert by any means, but you definitely need to be recovered before a run that long, even if it means cutting your milage the day before. And hey, some days its just hard to hang mentally…. I remember having those days! Running is a huge test of your mental toughness, that’s for sure :/

    And girrllllll I think losing weight is the last concern you should have! Your bod is rockin as is… and weight loss when training can be dangerous. You need a buttload of calories when running those long distances or your body won’t recover as quickly and you’re more susceptible to burnout. I know a lot of elite runners are super skinny, but I think that can come at a price, too. I dunno, I just remember a lot of really great runners I looked up to when I ran competitively were VERY strict with their diets and keeping their weight down, and I think it eventually backfired (and took a lot of the run out of running and life in general).

    Have you ever seen the blog http://runnerskitchen.com? I’ve been following her blog for a couple years now (even though I barely ever run haha)… She runs long distances too and has some really good posts! Haha longest comment ever, i know! Good luck, keep on keeping on with that training. On that note, I think I’m going to start training for a 5k later this month!

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