Wallet- FOUND!!!!

Monday workout: Spin class with P, 55 min, 370ish cals, light stretching and strength at 5:15am

Tuesday workout: 5.25mile easy run, 10min miles, light stretching at 5:15am

Wednesday workout: 5.75 easy miles

Saturday workout: 9.55 easy pace, felt hard as hell. Lame.

Here is the one photo that I could find that was snapped of P and I on Sunday. How awesome are we as background filler? They only had one photographer at one spot so, eh… what do ya expect?

I pretty much got the sweetest assignment at work. I will be creating and managing the department blog. Getting paid to blog 😉 never saw that coming.

It’s getting to be a fast paced part of the year for the University of California system. P is gearing up for his big, badass, PhD qualifying exams. He’s been buried up to his ears in books and German translations for the past few weeks. As you can see he took no time off this weekend for festivities.

Doesn’t he actually look like Paul Scholes!?

To help ease the stress, since he does most of the cooking and cleaning these days (what? curling my hair takes priority…) I made P a dinner to remember this week.. I try to throw together some pasta or stir fry a few times a week, but a coworker inspired me to try something new. She brings in her amazing leftovers every day and I realized stir fry just won’t cut it forever. I made bacon-wrapped, apple and goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts, roasted brussel sprouts (recipe courtesy of RER) and mashed potatoes. I just had the chicken, sans cheese (the bacon is the low sodium, no sugar added variety) and veggies. I pretty much think mashed potatoes are lame and boring, but P- Money loves them so that was that. Honestly, it was amazing. This meal is deffo going in the rotation. I told you beezies I was going to eat bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed protein a few posts ago… I cannot tell a lie.

I got a Facebook message early last week… someone found my wallet! A road cyclist found it, and went to some serious trouble to find me. He found some old business cards and called my old office, and got a disconnected line, then realized a race had taken place that morning and called the Temecula Half Race Director. The Director hadn’t gotten back to him, so he looked me up in the race results to double check I had been a runner, found me on FB and sent me a message! Yay!!! I scoped out his FB page, turns out he is a 61 year old triathlete (AKA a badass). As soon as I get my package, I am sending lots of sports goodies back to him as a thank you!

Ok, so the real tragedy about me losing my wallet wasn’t my ATM card, or credit cards… It was the important stuff–like my loyalty cards to Golden Spoon (one stamp away from a free froyo) Windmill Farms (FREE SANDO!!!) and another free froyo… irreplaceable, people. I was one sad girl.

Upon arrival of my wallet I will do my best not to go on a sandwich/froyo bender, I promise.



4 thoughts on “Wallet- FOUND!!!!

  1. Free Golden Spoon is the best. Love that place!

    So glad you are getting your wallet back! Yaaaaaay 🙂 That man went out of his way to find you- wow, he is one heck of a guy!!

    Love the pic of you and P. Hilarious.

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