Temecula Half Marathon and 5k

Sunday workout: Temecula Inaugural Half Marathon and 5k 2:01:38

Not a PR, but oh well. Like I said, we weren’t taking this race too seriously. I was really just hoping for a good run and a chance to finally see some of Temecula Wine Country.

Wake-up was easy, I ate a GRANDE breakfast (like I do) of Fage strawberry yogurt,1 piece of PB& J Toast, and a banana. My new workout clothes fit fabulously. I did a little shopping on Friday at RunningWarehouse.com and holyomigod they were delivered Saturday, for freeeeee. Love it.

The drive to Temecula was about an hour, no traffic, and SO dark. I was majorly sleepy. I had brought my makeup to finish in the car… annnd forgot it would be dark, woops. Something I loved about this being a small race (less than 500 people I believe) was that there was NO traffic at the exit ramp, or trying to park.

Mount Palomar Winery hosted the race and was also the location of the start and finish. It was a really pretty winery and the grounds were gorgeous in the early morning light. This was the first Temecula Half Marathon and 5k and the proceeds went to sustainable farming education. I am a big fan of sustainable farming and grew up in a heavily agricultural area, so I totally felt for this cause.

I wore shorts and a singlet and P wore his running tights. Apparently he thinks that a start temp of 58-62F is cold, and a projected forecast of the mid 80’s that day… good job babe ;-).

Originally, the race was not going to be chip timed but last minute they decided to chip time, and also had to move the route a bit. The new stretch of course ran along busy Rancho California Rd., so the organizers recruited some young marines to stand in between the cones and ensure that runners were seen by traffic and that we kept our happy butts on the correct side of the cones. Really though, the volunteers were absolutely amazing and they all called Phil “sir”. Giggle.

Cha Cha and the hubs spotted me before the race, so we hung out at the start line together. She is coming off of a stomach bug. ChaCha at 50% is me at 100% so I figured we would try to run near her for the race. She pushed it hard and finished strong, but I think some Pepto and sleep probably did her right Sunday night.

It was an open start so basically anytime between 7:30am and 8:00am you could jump into a group of 20 or so people and get a “ready, set, go” from a Marine. This was my first open start race and also my first out and back. I have no complaints about either, it was pretty seamless.

The course was TOUGH. Rolling hills followed by some short, steep hills. Dirt trails and pavement and a pretty fast group of runners, overall. As the morning moved on it started to get HOT. I really wanted to drink more water, but I had to peeee to I was playing that fun game of gauging whether or not I *really* need a porto break or if I could push through and finish. I ended up driving it until the end  without peeing my pants.

I also needed ShotBloks way earlier than expected, and ate 3 of them at miles 3 and again at mile 8. We ran through vineyards, past gorgeous homes on wineries and through fields of hot air balloons taking off. This was for sure the prettiest race I have run and I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed the smaller size.

A local Temecula runner paced with us for a bit since he had forgotten his Garmin and we chatted about the area, and R&R Vegas; a dog ran out and joined the pack for its morning exercise and another local runner was doing loops at various points of the course just to cheer people on. It was killer.

P and I held our 9:15 pace steadily for the whole race and finished strong at 2:01 and change. I will definitely run this race again next year. The finish line had wine tasting, a live band, Great Harvest Bread, organic fruit, water and clean bathrooms. They did run out of water which is a little lame, but put out an electrolyte beverage and cups for people to have instead. You had to buy your Tshirt but it was a great looking shirt and only $5. P got one, I didn’t. Unless they have women’s sizes, unisex smalls are always too big for me.  Another perk, I think this race was only $40.

All in all I say very well done.

Post race, P money was SMELLY. (love you babe) so we stopped into a Target for deodorant and some shorts for the smarty who wore cold weather tights in a HOT race. P changed and I ate some pumpkin spice Hershey’s kisses. SO GOOD.

Right about this time I realized I didn’t have my wallet. I searched the car, our bags, everywhere.


Not only did I have sentimental things tucked away, but I love my wallet AND I was carrying my Social Security Card. I had set my wallet on top of the car and left it there. I never thought I would be that yeehaw driving around with crap on top of my car. Sleep deprivation and I do not get along.

P and I ran back to the winery, looked all over the side of the road and… no luck. I left my number with the winery and immediately cancelled my debit/credit cards and now I’m working through the nightmare that is getting a new SSN/card. The silver lining to this is that P was carrying my driver’s license so at least I have that, and now I can’t make impulse buys. I don’t think I’m going to be getting a new Debit card anyway, since I’m giving Wells Fargo a big “eff you” and switching to a credit union like any self-respecting, liberal, granola Californian would.

P-I-M-P said that he would cover lunch and everything else for us and took me out to lunch in Old Town Temecula. Old Town is exactly what you want it to be, board walk style sidewalks, good restaurants, a huge candy store and lots of random little shops– from Scandinavian goods to handmade silver jewelry. We had lunch at the Front Street Bar and Grill because I am a creeper. Let me explain.

 Last week SR ran a half marathon and ate a steak salad and froyo post-race… I have been craving both ever since. I can’t cook a steak to save my life, so I was on a hunt for a steak salad. Mission accomplished. I swear I have my own likes and dislike and I am not a complete stalker… right?!

Froyo too. This place had coconut froyo!!!! And fat free brownie chunks which clearly means they are healthy. Duh.

P had pizza and fish and chips and then wondered why he felt ass-tacular. Psh, AND  he also only gets the sorbet from froyo places which is pretty much blasphemy in my book. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

I am addicted to running, I believe. The Ragnar girls have convinced me to run the Del Mar Iron Girl next weekend. How many races is too much? Thoughts? My dad seems to think I am destroying my body, I think he’s bitter that running has moved in on our golfing time.

Note Worthy: My friend Mario (who visited me a couple of months ago) ran his first half on Sunday. He killed it! ❤ Good job M!!!!


5 thoughts on “Temecula Half Marathon and 5k

  1. Oh no!! I can’t believe you lost your wallet! that’s the worst feeling.. at least you didn’t lose your camera/phone 🙂

    Congrats on the race! and I’ve made the same mistake P did… with dressing far too warm for the actual race temps… I just don’t do well with cold.

  2. It really was a pretty run, I must say. I think had the course not been changed from the original it wouldn’t have been so painful at the end with the freaking massively steep hill.

    I hope your SSN thing isn’t too painful. I got lucky – the one time my wallet was stolen – well, I left my purse on the beach in Hermosa in my drunken state since we were gallivanting on the beach, post barhopping – and someone took it out of my bag, left the purse there. Anyway, that was when I still kept my SSN card in my wallet (this was back when I was 22). Luckily, the thief threw out my wallet (after he/she took the cash and my cell phone) and someone returned the wallet to me. Crazy. So I got everything back.

    I am also thinking of ditching my big-bank for a credit union but I hate having to change all my auto-payments. Blurg.

  3. Liberal, granola Californian – haha!! Love it!

    That race looks SO beautiful! The bf is taking me to Temecula for my birthday in a few weeks and seeing your pictures just got me WAY more excited. Gorgeous!

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