Saturday Sail and Pampered Princess

Saturday workout: Spin class with P 50 min of cardio, 370 calories burned

We decided to spin on Saturday even though we had a half marathon on Sunday. I wasn’t taking this race too seriously (as you can tell). I thought of it more as a step on our marathon training plan (which I am taking seriously, duh.) This was my first spin class with the BF and it was really fun. I struggle to get my heart rate above 160 for very long, so I’m really trying to use cardio classes to help me get a better burn.

After spinning and a much needed shower P and I had to get to Mission Bay for a sailing reservation we had. P loves sailing, he even had his own Hobie Catamaran once upon a time. My sailing experience is limited to a brief stint with it during my early years of college with some friends and their sailing fanatic dad. I went out once with a colleague of mine last Fall and learned a few things. 1.) I like sailing, but HATE the cold 2.) I prefer boats that don’t tip onto their sides 3.) I would rather be on a power boat learning how to wakeboard or something than constantly running around chasing ropes and trying to remember the effing “Rule of Opposites”. However, P loves it so a few times a year I will gladly go with him and play around on a sailboat in the bay… oh my life is so hard.

We had a sailing appointment at the Catamaran in the Mission Bay/Pacific Beach neighborhood of SD. The hotel/spa is super lush and tropical spot on the water complete with boats for rent and the perfect setting for a wedding (there was one that day!).

Phil is a great captain/sailor and he did most of the work while I took pictures. He really likes making the boat tip onto it’s side, but the little Capri we were sailing wasn’t made for that the way his catamaran was. When he would “heel” over? I would make this face:

I helped sail for a little while, but mostly just wondered why it was so cold and windy. Late October, on a sailboat, powered by wind… cold and windy huh? Big surprise. It was fun, I love going out on the water with P, but I think we will keep our sailing adventures to the months of June/July/August from now on.

To put some icing on the cake P sent me to get a facial after our sailing adventure. I spent 2 hours in the cold for one hour of bliss– pumpkin masks and scalp massages included of course. I had never had a facial and The Hidden Spa in Ocean Beach was such a treat. I like the total hippie vibe of OB, but this spa was super professional and elegant. My esthetician was really informative and gave me 2 or 3 add-ons at no cost since it was my first time. She really worked over my skin which is combination at best and even P says I look like I am glowing. I fully plan on getting a facial every 6 weeks or so, because it was such an amazing experience. I felt that it was even more relaxing than any of the full body massages I have had. P also said that he would fully support my facial every 6 weeks plan as a treat from him.

I win at life.

Does anyone have spa advice for me? Is there anything I just HAVE to do? So far, full body massage- eh. Facial and scalp massage– OMFG amazing.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Sail and Pampered Princess

  1. I totally agree on the full body massage – just eh. I was really freaked out too because at the end of my first massage she massaged my scalp with all the massage oil still on her hands. i looked like a greasy mess after. I’m getting my first facial in December so I’m glad to hear it’s better than the massage.

    And your bf sounds pretty awesome – I want mine to support a “new-shoes-every-6-weeks” habit 🙂

  2. I LOVE the Catamaran! They host Bikes, Boards & Brews every year in mid-October and we went last year and it was a great way to chill there and see all the fancy-schmancy stuff (did I tell you we saw Kendra from The Girls Next Door?). Glad you guys had fun sailing, it’s too cold for me too. ALSO, I just got my first facial-body scrub-massage spa package at Spa Velia downtown, and it’s AWESOME. Sauna room, champagne, shower, etc. come with stuff! AND they have couples massages that I want to get for me and Troy–you guys should check it out…but I’m with you, the FACIAL is key!!!

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