My First 5k!

Friday workout: My first 5k!!!! 23:40 by my Garmin and there was no chip timing so that’s as good as it gets.

Friday was my first ever 5k. The Chancellor’s Challenge 5k and Fun Run is a yearly event on UC San Diego’s campus that benefits student scholarships. I wanted to run it last year, but totally flaked because 5k’s intimidate me. That, and I didn’t think I could sprint it out for a solid 25 minutes without falling flat on my face in pain.

P stopped by my office early to drop off a Peet’s chai and I chugged some very much caffeine.

Why would I be so tired on a Friday? I’m usually in bed by 9:30pm. P and I went out to Fluxx to see some sweet DJ action and dance a cocktail or two off. I totally had one of those nights where I couldn’t find anything to wear so I said “eff it, it’s a Thursday” and wore all black. San Diego (or maybe everywhere) has a unique downtown scene. You’ll see some amazingly put together people and also lots of people who are rocking the IDGAF look. It’s a nice blend of diversity, I think. 😉 I spend lots of time ogling the waitresses and the gogo dancers. Seriously how do they get so fit?!

Going out was fun, I’ve always been a fan of the Thursday night vibe. However, the crowd at Fluxx and EDM didn’t mesh well. Most people didn’t know who Paul Oakenfold was, didn’t dance and the place was both HOLYOMIGOD crowded and a dudefest. Honestly, like 4 dudes to every girl. Insane.  Paul Oakenfold also has a reputation for being Paul Chokenfold… and oh did he ever. Although, I would probably suck if no one knew who I was and wasn’t dancing and I was used to playing to throbbing crowds of 20,000 in Europe. Yup, that would probs kill my vibe too. Sad day. It was fun to get out and run around like I can still function on 4 hours of sleep. Not so much anymore, my old ass needs a solid 8 fosho.

I have to say, Fluxx is an amazing venue. The interior design changes all the time (monthly I believe) and it has top of the line sound and visual effects. Every time it would start to get super hot on the dance floor, the fog machines would blast until you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. It was fun AND cooled you off. They also had some amazing laser light that projected Rainbow Road from Mario Kart out over the dance floor. WIN. I’d still say go to Voyeur if you visit SD. It is my favorite place by far.

Dinner Friday night was candlelight and flowers and amazing, except my choice of food.

Making homemade sushi was an ALL BAD plan. Not only is it way more expensive than eating out, but after watching P cut up raw fish and arrange my sushi I felt SO sick. The fish was amazing quality, but I have a weird aversion to seeing my food get prepared, well meat at least. It was a fun experience for us to whip up something different– but it’s effing hard, expensive and kind of weird when you start to think about it too much. I’ll be sticking to the restaurant stuff for a while.

However, I did come home to these beautiful flowers, and P already had an appetizer salad waiting for me <3.

Pretty much amazing.


6 thoughts on “My First 5k!

  1. My husband and I are training for our first marathon in March, and I stumbled upon your blog while looking for sites to keep me motivated along the way. I got my undergrad at UCSD a little while back, so it brings back so many memories seeing all your pics on campus and around San Diego.

    Great job on your 5K! You did so well, it’s hard to believe that was your first. Best of luck with marathon training. I’m sure you’ll do great.

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