What a Week!

Tuesday workout: 60min of spin. 11 miles. The first 45min were fab, the last 15-hell.

Wednesday workout: Strength session at 5:15am, solid. 50min of cardio machines at the gym

Thursday workout: Strength session at 5:15am, cardio kickboxing for 55min at the gym

Apparently I am crazy, or I think I’m still in college. I’m going out tonight to see Paul Oakenfold at Fluxx. I have work tomorrow at 8am. What am I thinking!? I’m thinking that I want to go DANCE!  It’s just that fun make ya wanna dance house music vibe. My legs might be tired, I may have a half marathon on Sunday, but I want to dance and P surprised me with tickets. Plus, Fluxx is probs the coolest club in the Gaslamp Quarter of SD.

  So, while I will be a super tired and haggard lady at work tomorrow, it’s totally worth it.

Not only will I be super tired, but I have my very first 5k tomorrow. You can tell my priorities are in order. I’m not really running to compete (right?). The Chancellor’s 5k is a run on UC San Diego’s campus tomorrow during our lunch break. The $15 entry fee gets me an extended lunch break, a free lunch and a T-shirt and they still somehow make a profit which goes to scholarships on campus. My plan is just to run it as fast as my danced out, fatigued legs can take me and call it a win. Did I mention I get a T-shirt!?

Phil is on a roll this week. He must be trying to beat out every other bf in the world for the Amazing Award. Not only is he buying all of the goods for us to make homemade sushi for dinner tomorrow, including cauliflower so that I can have cauliflower rice in my rolls, but he made me an appointment to get a facial this weekend (just because). My boyfriend is amazing.

I bought my gym pass on Tuesday and I have to say, working out the the gym is a nice change of pace. My body was ready to have a day (or week) off after yesterday’s workout, but after 8 hours of sleep I feel much better. Sleep plays a HUGE role in my energy level. It also plays a huge role in my level of crazy beezo in the morning.

A reader requested a sample workout plan. I put together the plan that I have basically been running on in some form for the last year or so. Occasionally I change it up (like when I started the HalHigs plan) but it usually looks something like this:

 Just for the record. I really want both of these shoes. Not sure which one’s I want for the mary but I really want them. I also really need to buy more workout clothes. It’s one thing to feel like a bum when you run, but staring at yourself in a mirrored wall for an hour is no fun when you don’t feel cute. As I simplify my apartment I am removing vital clothing storage… what to do what to do!?

I like the Nike Outlets well enough (except that I HATE my 3 pairs of Tempo shorts because they make me look like I am wearing depends) and while Lululemon has great stuff I can only justify buying something every once in a while. I need some tights, a killer pair of shorts, a new tank top (I like the thin racer back style) and a couple of long sleeve shirts. Where does everyone like buying workout clothes that don’t break the bank? Maybe I should just ask for giftcards for Christmas and go on a workout clothing shopping spree!!!


8 thoughts on “What a Week!

  1. You should tryTarget. Seriously!. You can get some of their stuff for pretty reasonable. Half the time I wear a Target Champion tech long s. top or thin t back tank top with some nice lulu pants and no one notices. However I am a mom in CO, and it isn’t a fashion show for me, just comfort and cuteness. hope this helps.

  2. I LOVE your jacket in the work picture!

    My absolute favorite place to score deals on workout clothes is actually on Zappos! Free shipping, next day delivery and if something doesn’t fir right or you want a different size or color they have free returns for 365 days. This is also super helpful in buying shoes because you can buy a couple pairs to try on and send back the ones you decide you don’t want.

  3. Hello pretty lady! I have a pair of shorts from Gap Body that I love! I too hate my tempos but I wear them anyway. They are not flattering AT ALL!

    How did the 5k go?!?! Aren’t you running Temecula too?!?! GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF!!!!

  4. Target! I go in there a few times a week and ONLY shop their Clearance racks. Sometimes I don’t find anything, most of the time I find at least 1-5 things. I bought the cutest tank for $4.00 yesterday and the sweetest shorts for 3.49. Fo realz. Also, JCPenny has a cute line of workout gear. Call me crazy, just check them out online and see, and their sales are rad. Lulu has stuff on clearance on their website, but the small sizes always sell out first. 😦 BOO. I HATE NIKE TEMPO SHORTS. I have like 13 pair if you would like ANY of them. Disgusting butt. WHY do people wear those things and how is it possible they keep selling?! Dicks Sporting Goods and Academy Sports also have cute stuff, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas.

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