Gum in my Pants

Confession Tuesday. I don’t have a confession day but I have so many things to confess today, that’s just how it’s going to be. I stopped over by the very classy Real World San Diego house to use their confessional.


Does anyone else miss old school RW, like New Orleans?! I feel like I haven’t seen a season in like 5 years.



Sunday I took my calorie day off and ate LOTS of sushi, half of a 3″ Boston Cream Pie and half of a cannoli and I didn’t feel guilty.

Also Sunday, I was supposed to run 18 miles (usually these long runs help me rationalize eating so much), I bailed. I had one of those, sick, tired, can’t get out of bed days. I wrote my last blog in the morning, dressed in my running gear and all ready to go, and then I don’t know what happened. I lost it. I think heading out the door for those long runs by 9am may be very important for my sanity. It has been edited don’t worry I’m not that much of a lying beezo. To redeem myself, after work Monday, P and I ran 18 miles.

delicious? yes. in your pants? not so much

Ok, this is awkward. I got to the office yesterday and was chewing gum. I don’t normally like to chew gum at work, so as I was erm… on the toilet peeing (because I always have to be when I get to work, seriously no matter what) and I had the genius idea to toss my gum in the toilet behind me and just flush it. Whelp. Gum stuck to my butt, I didn’t notice, pulled my pants up and  my favorite undies, lower back, jeans and tank top are were covered in Trident Layers… fml. Stop laughing you a**holes. 😉


I’m dropping the Hal Higdon plan. It’s great, it’s working but holy bejeezus it’s boring. I will punch a unicorn the next time I have to wake up and run 5 base miles in the same loop around my house. P and I are moving to the 3/3/1 schedule. 3 running days (speed, distance, tempo) and 3 crosstraining days (spin/cardio class/yoga) and 1 day of rest with 5 days of strength training each week. I took measurements and photos and I want to see if changing it up has any positive effect on me. I’ll check in every 2 weeks. Mostly though, this is for mental happiness. I don’t want to hate running and it feels like work at the moment. Except my long runs, I’m still loving the long runs.

Alright that’s enough of that.

Monday’s workout: 18 miles booya

Our run was amazing, it was slower than normal but I never realized how scary it is to keep a good clip in the dark. Our first 3rd was a great pace, then the sun went down and this heavy, misty fog rolled in. I was pretty much running blind and convinced myself that every dark patch of pavement was an axe murderer/pothole that would kill me. We did it though. I worked an 8 hour day and then ran 18 miles. Redemption. I also tried a chocolate Gu for the first time, OMG why the H hasn’t anyone told me about these?! It was like a little pouch of chocolate frosting. yum.

Delicious and wonderful

After our run, I took an ice bath. I hate all of you. Everyone has been encouraging me to do this and I finally bit the bullet. Ok, it was miserable at first but then it was kind of nice and today I feel a million times better than I normally do. I don’t hate you all. Thanks for the great advice.

yup, that sums it up

Today I go sign up for my gym membership and hit the spin bike after work, salvation!!!!!!!!!

Any other ridiculous Monday stories for me? I also spilled tea all over my desk at work… and my lap. Good times. Happy it’s Tuesday


2 thoughts on “Gum in my Pants

  1. Thank goodness you dropped Hals plan! I was bored STIFF on that crap! I am terrible at following plans anyways, but anywho, I’m stoked you’re taking spin. It’s so much fun and an awesome rest for the knees and the constant pounding from running. Mixing it up is the only way to stay sane: I don’t follow any plan persay, but I Crossfit 3 or 4 times a week, Spin 3 or 4 times a week, and run 2-3 times, always a long run on the weekend.

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