Bicycle Commute to Work

Sunday workout: sick 😦

In college I walked to school and work, less than a mile, and went through a tank of gas… A MONTH. My first job out of college I had a 1 hour commute each way and it made me miserable. My first job in San Diego was a 20 minute commute to the other side of town. These different situations made me realize something. I hate commuting, especially in my tiny, uncomfortable little car. I felt like I was wasting so much of my day sitting on my butt burning fossil fuels.

One of the appeals of my new job is that it is either a 5min (maybe) bike ride or a 10 min walk from my house. I love it. The whole rocking shorts and changing into your skirt at work thing really suits me, and I’m becoming a pro at riding my bike in heels. On the real, not having a commute and cutting out a gas bill has alleviated some stress and simplified my life.

Sometimes I hit traffic, like once I was the 3rd bike in line at the 1 stoplight on my way to the office…

I also get compliments on my cycling shoes from hardcore morning cyclists like this guy.

My end of 2011 resolution is to simplify my life.

I have a tendency to try and plan things out to the minute, and for the next 5 years. Life is unpredictable and I want to embrace that and the spontaneity that comes with it. I know this tendency comes from disordered eating in part, and wanting to control EVERYTHING in my life. P and I were talking and he agrees that I need to simplify and learn to have fun again. Fun in the sense of letting go and just being me.

First order of business for “Ash Learns to Simplify”— our apartment. I redecorate, a lot. It’s a weird coping mechanism. I also think I need really random cooking utensils. Like mini cheesecake pans, a special pan for doughnuts and a frittata maker (ok I don’t have that one yet). P and I live in a “cozy” one bedroom. Ok it’s tiny and he is 6ft tall so it’s starting to get cluttered. We are selling off a bunch of furniture on Craig’s List, and buying smaller more simple stuff, yay! I already cleaned out my closet and sold stuff on eBay and made… over $1,000. Hell yes. eBay > garage sale.

P surprised me on Friday when I got home from work with a redecorated living room, plans for a smaller desk, a new mattress and dinner. He’s a keeper.

ALTS order of business 2, I’m going to focus on the true difference between needs and wants as well.


18 miles today, my shuffle is full of Dubstep, I have ShotBloks and a Chocolate GU and ate a wonderful b-fast. Time to run!

How have you simplified your life? Has it made you happier? Is the transition from college to bona fide adult this awkward for everyone? I feel like I am 13 again.


5 thoughts on “Bicycle Commute to Work

  1. I had the same…er…abrupt introduction to commuting as you did – and I couldn’t stand it either. I think it’s one of those things you have to stop doing before you start thinking that it’s normal. I couldn’t move or change jobs, so I got a folding bike – I still drive a little (v. long commute), but now I keep the bike in my trunk, so I can park, unfold and ride. I’ve cut my fuel use by more than half, and it doesn’t take me much longer either (and I can usually skip the gym on days I ride to work).

  2. When I moved back to Jersey from Cali I was forced to simply my life!! But I love not having clutter!! That’s so awesome you can commute on bike. It’s amazing how much commuting affects your day, especially with traffic!!

  3. YES! The college to real life transition is totally awkward. Especially on the days that I forget it’s frowned about to look like I just rolled out of bed and didn’t wash my hair before work… I miss that look being acceptable 🙂

    I’ve simplified my life by just really trying to focus more on what will be important in the future rather than what I just want right now. Like “Do I REALLY need the new boots on sale or should I hold off since my car insurance is expiring next month and I should really have money for that?” Haha. I love that you can ride a bike to work though, so jealous!

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