Well Hello Again 5am

Wednesday workout: 5.5 miles, 11:40 pace,<– I’m not kidding, 5am this morning

Now that I am back to an 8am-4:30pm schedule, I have to wake up super early for my running. I used to do the majority of my running workouts in the early A.M. and really sort of hated it. I enjoy getting up early and getting tasks out of the way so as to free up my evening, but for some reason running that early is MUCH harder for me. Take this morning for instance. P and I had an 8 mile run scheduled, so we figured 90 min would be ample time. Getting up takes longer than I ever anticipate so we left the house with 75 minutes of run time, I thought that we could easily slam out at least 7 miles. As we neared a quarter of a mile, my calves screaming, eyes trying to close and go back to sleep I totally thought we were keeping a decent 10min pace. Nope 11 minute+, the entire effing time. Lame, annoying, frustrating.

Bfast was eggs and an almond milk chai made my Master Chef P. I think I ate this in like 5 min because I was running SUPER late. I straight Hoovered my bfast.

P and I had a summit meeting over Bfast on our return and decided a few things.

1. Our morning workouts will now consist of our strength routine. We can do it at 5am, rain, shine or “freezing” cold SD weather or not.

2. Our cardio routine will move to evenings first thing when I get home, after a snack, before dinner.I know most people don’t like this time for training, but I am a freakshow.

3. Now that I’m not making my own hours and working from home I need to get my life organized and scheduled. I am an adult, it’s time for a designated laundry day.

One thing about training that I am learning is that it never goes as planned. Hal Higdon’s plan is 18 weeks long, when I first looked at it I was stoked. Weeks 1-8 were great! Sunshine and butterflies etc. Now, I seriously am losing interest in the running. I like the Sunday long runs a lot, but everything else just feels difficult and boring. Again, this could all be because my diet was out of whack for a few weeks and I am just now suffering the repercussions of that. I’m eating like an effing champion, keeping an eye on my macros and assessing the situation on Monday. If I still feel TurdTacular I may switch up this training plan and spice things up with oh I dunno, anything but running. Honestly, at the rate I am going through shoes, I should buy stock in RoadRunner Sports. Can you do that?

I just want to run this marathon and enjoy it/kill it/do well and then I think it will be time to focus on the fun stuff. Like the fact that I chose the hardest legs for Ragnar in April. I’m going to beast it out for 24+ hours in a tutu if it’s 40F or 104F, I don’t even care.


Lunch, P had 2 lunch specials because he is a fatass bottomless pit and I had a salad. My salads are delicious but no one needs more photos of my Ikea tupperware, everyone needs more photos of the ginga ninja.


Zanzibars is a shnazzy European style eatery that has a few locations throughout San Diego, I strongly recommend the downtown spot. YUM. A few years ago they opened an eatery at UCSD and it is honestly one of my favorite restaurants in La Jolla. I love the decor (avocado green and natural wood!) and they have a solid but short menu, great happy hour and good beer! Tonight after work P and I met Amanda and Chris(not pictured!) there for some grub and drinks.

Between beer samplers, champagne, salads (with goat cheese!!!), sweet potato fries etc. later we had an amazing time. I have an unhealthy love for goat cheese.

It was almost dark again when we left campus so we cycled the 5 minutes home and now I am EXHAUSTED.

How do you all fit working out into your day, especially when 8 hours is designated to a job? Do you prefer morning, evening, both and why? Or do you just hide under your desk and do crunches? I hope this new plan works well for us, I have good feelings.


7 thoughts on “Well Hello Again 5am

  1. Phil looks tan even after the champagne has worn off! I love your guys’ workout motivation, but I swear I can only do runs in the evening!!! I prefer strength training in the am too 🙂 Great seeing you guys tonight! ❤

  2. Wow, you are my hero for running that early. I also work around 8-4 and try to run when I get home. That can be tough and I would definitely love to run in the morning, but I just can’t get myself to run in the dark!

  3. Salad and Champagne sounds like perfection!!! I am always amazed at how men can shove burgers down their face and it doesn’t affect their physique.. but do you guys have a Mooyah Burger out there? I just tried one the other day – turkey burger on wheat with sauteed mushrooms and it was pretty delish and only 300 cals 🙂

    I cannot seem to motivate myself at 5am – good job for getting out there! Even though I know I’d feel better all day if I did I get up at 5.. look oout the window and it’s dark and creepy to me haha then I crawl back under the sheets and hit ‘snooze’. Maybe one day… so anywho, I’m stuck putting in my 8-10hrs behind a desk then cramming in a workout before dinner, usually I’ll have a Fiber bar to hold me over.

  4. We are on the same schedule!! Seriously, it took me FO-EVA to get used to running at 5 am. I still have days that feel extremely hard because my body is just not ready to get up. The best thing about it? You will be used to running early so on an early morning race you will be ready to rock while everyone else is going through early morning freak out mode.

    Ok, I NEED to go to Zanzibar. I can’t believe I have eaten there yet!

    P/S No adven run for me tonight. It’s going to be 100 again- eff that. LOL! I WILL be at ladies night next Tuesday. Champagne, treats, giveaways…or so I hear 🙂

  5. I’m like you, it has to be done FIRST thing in the morning, or I don’t get it done at all. Our mornings (my husband and I) start at 5am, too, Monday-Friday. I feel ya, sista. Where are you working? Do you have a access to a gym during lunch? That’s a great way to get some strength in.

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