Protein 1st thing is a Good Thing

Monday workout: 30 min of light strength training, I was TIRED.

Tuesday workout: 5 mile run

I had a reader explain that her BF is too fast, so he can’t run next to her and be an awesome hydration expert.


I can solve this problem ladies, rock the cleavage showing workout tops. That should ensure that your hunny stays next to, or behind you to look at your butt. On the real though, P is faster than me but he was never a runner per say. He did adventure racing, mountaineering, played soccer and generally worked out like a rockstar. When P and I started running together he was content to stay at my side and cheer me on. Mind you this was during a time when I was not eating enough so running was 1000x harder than it needed to be. I needed a coach at my side so that I could run 3 miles at a 12 min pace. He was there every step of the way.

Now that both of us are healthier and more fit, we still like running together because it’s “our” time. Before or after work we get to spend at least an hour together. Some mornings at 5am it’s cold and foggy and we don’t talk much and other days we chat the whole time. To be honest, there are days when one of us is feeling faster than the other so we work to push one another. He really likes trail running and all-terrain events so I think his first solo event will be part of the X-Terra series next year.


As far as the idea of me wearing a fuel belt, we have a fuel belt, but my super short torso looks even more ridiculous when I wear it. I mean running fashionably is important right? I think so, which is why you can catch me doing very fashion forward things like running in the same outfit 2 days in a row, attempting to wear self tanner and run in white clothing and never pausing to brush my hair before a morning run.


So because I have been directed to eat more fat and protein I made that my priority today. At work, P met me for lunch and I supplemented my salad (with cheese and garbanzo beans) with a chai, a 1% chai. Yes! Rationalizing dessert drinks with the fact that it had 7g of protein and 2g of fat *cough* 30g of carbs *cough* totally works right? Working on the same university campus as the DP is seriously the best thing ever.

We get to eat lunch together and break up our respective routines. For breakfast I had 2 eggs and pumpkin yogurt. Everyone’s suggestions were amazing, and I plan on trying a bunch of them this week. This morning’s concoction was 6oz plain greek yogurt, stevia, pumpkin pie spice and 1/4 cup pure pumpkin. delish.

I ran solo tonight because P was teaching. 5 miles, not as fun as a spin class, and I’m really starting to miss spin. I listened to the Welcome Reality album by NERO and it helped move me along.

I have to be up at 5am for an 8 mile tomorrow, kill me now I’m off to bed!


5 thoughts on “Protein 1st thing is a Good Thing

  1. Hydration expert, here! Even though it’s getting colder outside, it is best for your hydration if you continue to run in shorty-shorts and skorts. We know this is true because we used science. Hydration expert, out!

  2. Carbs fuel your muscles, not protein, try a little more carb the morning before you strength train…. just learned this from the sports dietitian for the Boise State Broncos!

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