17 Miles and One Day Later

Sunday workout: 17 miles, 9:39 pace, hot and sunny, with music

Monday workout: Crosstraining 1hr of weight and strength training

Yesterday P-Love and I embarked on our longest run to date. I was really nervous, and I let my nerves nearly get the best of me.

Saturday night I couldn’t sleep and by Sunday morning after being really  tired for several days I had a bit of a breakdown. I truly thought that I didn’t have it in me. These are the moments when having P as my running (slash everything) partner mean the most. He basically looked me in the eye and said, “I love you, I know you can do this. Put your headphones on and the minute your feet hit the pavement you are going to feel great.” He was right, as usual.

The minute we started running I began to feel better. I know I wore this outfit for my last long run, but I LOVE IT!

Because we got a later start I had already eaten a pretty big breakfast (deffo ate my nerves/stress/feelings a bit yesterday morning) and had a snack, but in hindsight this was just prep for the Vegas Rock and Roll. The R&R starts at 4pm so we will have eaten breakfast and lunch, which is worrisome for some runners. I know many people can’t run on a full stomach; so far, I seem to run better when I am full but not stuffed. I am so not surprised.

Honestly, I am so proud of myself for going out and running a full 17 miles. The last 4 miles were long, and I was stoked to finish. I took a page from RERs book and finished our run at Whole Foods. $40 later P and I were full. wow. It was delish, though.

We started our run at our house. This is our driveway, I traded in the Yaris for these bad boys.

Pretty running photos.

A demonstration of how P functions as my hydration support on long runs. I have yet to find a CamelBak that doesn’t chafe me raw, so he carries the water and I drink it.

I am still crazy exhausted today, but am happy to report that I feel good.

Steve (my own personal fitness guru!) told me that my dietary fat is too low. Protein and fat are going to be the focus of my diet this week (boo, I want carbs) can someone pass the bacon wrapped, cheese-stuffed salmon, please?

Off to strength train, and then fall into an 8 hour coma.

Does anyone know how to make proteiny oatmeal? I really want to eat pumpkin oats for b-fast this week, but it is seriously lacking in the protein dept.


16 thoughts on “17 Miles and One Day Later

  1. I make quick cook oats with a little extra water and add a scoop of cake batter protein (vanilla would work) and a few heaping spoonfuls of pumpkin. You can add milk to thin it out. Itop it with some pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon. It tastes like pumpkin pie in a bowl!!

  2. I haven’t eaten oatmeal in a while (lazy) but I usually add a dollop of nut butter (almond, peanut, cashew, etc) for protein. Or you could add chopped almonds.

  3. congrats on your long run ! you must feel amazing. i put a scoop of chocolate protein powder in my oats, along with pumpkin and cinnamon.. i love chocolate + pumpkin !

  4. Yay, congrats on an awesome 17-miler! We all have those moments of self doubt, but when you finally finish the run it’s the best feeling in the world!! I’m thinking of getting one of those fuel belts, because it seems like the camel back wouldn’t be comfy and I can’t stand running with a bottle in my hand. For some reason my bf isn’t up to supplying me with water; apparently he’s too fast for me, sheesh :p

  5. 17 miles – that’s awesome! I wish I could get the boy to run with me. You could add some greek yogurt to pumpkin oatmeal for a little protein fix… it just makes the oatmeal more creamy and thick without changing the taste too much. Or mix in some protein powder. I bet chocolate and pumpkin would taste like dessert 🙂

  6. Dangggg girl 17 miles is no joke… that is so amazing! OMG come to think of it, I miss oatmeal. I had an oatmeal kick over summer and made all sorts of flavor combos. I put chocolate protein powder in it before and it was decent, but you should try adding nut butter! Peanut butter is pretty yummy, but almond butter and cashew butter may be a little healthier… it makes a really good texture and you’ll up your healthy fats! Or you could do protein powder and nut butter to taste like pb chocolate. i need to look to oatmeal and pb next time i’m at the store… definitely not common foods here lol!

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