How We Came to San Diego

Saturday workout: planned to be 8 miles, turned into 5

I would like to ask my body, “What the hell?!” somethimes. Since Wednesday I have been tired, like really, really tired. I thought my day off on Friday would help but today on my 8mi pace run, I was dying. P and I called it at 5 miles and I am going to eat more today to hopefully definitely push me through my run tomorrow. Pretty sure the new plan is to eat a little more on Saturdays as prep for my long Sunday runs. Hungry running is crap. I am confident that this 17 mile run will be good, even if it has to be a little slower than I want it. A good night of sleep tonight, a solid breakfast tomorrow and a beautiful 17 miles to wrap up my weekend. Confidence. Oh and stuffed french toast at the end.

It’s pretty much the 1 year anniversary of my big move to (Phil in) San Diego!

Straight out of college I got a job as a sales rep at a Verizon Wireless store. It was your typical first job, long commute, long hours, ok pay, high stress and no joy. I lived 1 mile from my dad in a fabulous apartment but I had time for neither myself or family. Something had to change.

One day Phil and I were riding our bikes and he got a flat tire. As we walked around trying to find a bike store, P being frustrated that my one day off was getting messed up, and I trying to enjoy any time I got to spend with him no matter what, he proposed the idea of me coming to San Diego with him. He still had 2 years of graduate school, I could find a job when we moved down. We would get to start a life together. I was floored by the offer. P and I knew that this relationship was long term, but I never expected to be asked to actually live with him. It was amazing.

In all honesty, I was terrified to live with my boyfriend, a first for me, move away from family and friends and step out of my comfort zone, but everything was telling me to go. I put in my 2 weeks and we spent a month road tripping through California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. I figured that if we could spend a month on the road in the Yaris, we could survive living anything. A few crazy Colorado storms, camping adventures and memories made, we arrived safely in San Diego. We settled down into an adorable apartment on the cliffs overlooking the ocean in La Jolla.

San Diego has not disappointed and P and I have made amazing use of our time and truly conquered a lot of this city. If anyone ever has questions about SD I will gladly fake it as if I were a local and share what I know.

Yesterday we walked to one of our favorite spots. Just adjacent to our apartment complex is a eucalyptus grove with a walking trail that overlooks the coast. The trail is frequented by college students and they have made it a really special spot over the years.

A swing with a mailbox to write down and keep your thoughts. Also, behind it someone has built a little lean-to. Kind of creepy, but it’s cool.

Further down, a bench swing big enough for two to watch the sunset.

I feel like so many people are transplants to Southern California, is SoCal special or does everyone else experience this where they live, too? Good luck to all of my racing buddies this weekend!!!


4 thoughts on “How We Came to San Diego

  1. I moved from San Diego to the Central Coast and San Diego will always be home, no matter how long I’m here. It’s been almost 4 years and I’ve found the person I’m going to spend my life with, so…here it is. I wouldn’t go back for anything, but I always feel the pull.

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