Seattle is for Lovers

Thursday workout: 4.15 miles, 10:23 pace, super tired today, 25ish minutes strength training.

I finally updated my “about me” section for you all. It has photos now yay!

Recently, P and I took a romantic trip to Seattle. Ok ok, he went to Seattle for dissertation research, I tagged along later that weekend and together we went to visit my grandparents.  We did however get 2 days and 1 night to ourselves in Seattle and I loved it. I even fit everything for the long weekend into this tiny suitcase because I am too cheap to pay for checked bags rule.

I love taking trips with the DP (domestic partner, duh).

I don’t know that I could do all of the rain, but the city was just amazing.

We also visited Olympia (the capital and where Oma and Opa live):

My grandparents are SUPER German.

Fun fact about me: My family is pretty new to Zee Amerika. I am part of the first generation to be raised over here on my mom’s side. She was born in Georgia but grew up in Germany, and even my oldest sister was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Anyway, my Oma is an amazing cook so, I spent the whole weekend stuffing my face with Bavarian food, and trying to run off the carbs on some of Washington’s finest trails.

Back to Seattle:

Phil found a Mountain Hardwear store which made him a happy boy.

I found chocolate animal truffles which made me happy.

Together we wandered the city via the best transportation possible, running shoes. P and I have made a habit out of running A LOT on vacation. It makes seeing our new surroundings so much fun and it’s much faster than walking. Some of my favorite memories of us are from the various runs we have done on vacation. Don’t let your training suffer on vaycay, just make it fun!

We of course sampled a local sushi joint. I wish I remembered the name because this place was ridiculous.

All in all I will say Seattle was AMAZING. I loved the University of Washington’s campus and I would so work there, but like I said the rain might kill me. I think Pike’s Place was a fun tourist stop and downtown Seattle was not lacking for any kind of amazing cuisine.

We ran everywhere, and the city was super runner friendly which was great.

P and I are thinking of maybe running a race in the land of Grey’s Anatomy sometime in the future. Any suggestions for races in Seattle? PS Sorry Twilight fans we didn’t make it to Forks ;-).


8 thoughts on “Seattle is for Lovers

  1. I am from Oregon, my husband is from the Seattle area! We are stationed in Texas right now – thanks to the Army – but WOW, we miss the Pacific Northwest. No one out here even knows what REI is! Or Mountain Hardware. Or snowboarding. Or why anyone would need 4 wheel drive … Sniff. Thanks for writing about things I love and miss!

    1. Confession: My first camping trip was summer of 2010 :-X and I never shopped at REI until Phil haha but I am totally embracing the Santa Cruz roots now. The PNW misses you, perhaps it’s time for a visit!

  2. I love that you called your man your DP- I changed my fbook relationship status with my boyfriend to “in a domestic partnership” over a year ago when i was drunk one night and it’s still that way, bahaha. I guess it’s the truth! Awesome that you toured Seattle via running, it looks gorgeous! I’ve never been to the west coast!

  3. Seattle looks amazing. Next time I get the opportunity to travel there, I will! I have recently started tracking calories and wonder what you do for things that you don’t know the calories to? (for example, my husband brought home pizza from Costco…idk how many calories are in it, but I would imagine a lot) :o)

  4. Wow, that trip looks incredible! I have always wanted to visit the PNW. I have a ton of friends that moved to Seattle and I still have never been. I NEED to go! Want to run RNR Seattle?!?!? I would be in!

    I love that you and P run together! So awesome 🙂

    P/S That sushi looks Uh-mazing!

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