Is Running Enough?

Tuesday workout: 4 mile base run, 25min strength and body weight training

*Note, I accidentally posted that I ran my 15 miler in 1 hour 17 minutes, which while that would be AMAZING is certainly not true. Apologies for the typo, I am a normal, medium paced runner, it was TWO hours and 17 min… 2:17 got it? Good ๐Ÿ™‚

We got some rain in San Diego today. Good thing I wore my sunglasses on our run…

I felt tired and was happy to trot along at a recovery (i.e. slow) pace with P-Love. We did a quick flat 4 mile out and back and still have our strength routine to knock out later tonight.

There is a new book out by Jeff Horowitz on how to train for marathons without running for all of your training workouts. Smart Marathon Training : Run Your Best Without Running Yourself Raggedย ย focuses on running 3x a week and cross/strength training the rest of the time. I really miss spinning regularly, want to start yoga and have a feeling that these 3-6 mile base runs aren’t going to get any more exciting between now and December. I think I may pick this book up and get into the groove of a more varied program.


Don’t get me wrong, Hal Higdon’s plan is kicking some serious ass. I just need a little variety, especially as the weather gets colder; waking up at 5am to run in La Jolla’s fog is not something I want to do 6 days a week. Could be worse, I could be running in the snow right?


I picked up a new package of NUUN at REI today, I didn’t get the U Hydration but instead got the standard Orange NUUN… Uhydration is sweetened with Stevia and this one is sweetened with Sorbitol, crap. Sugar alcohols and I don’t get along. I will probably use it this weekend for my medium distance run on Saturday and see how it goes.


I like REI for a few reasons: The staff is always friendly and helpful, they have a 100% no questions asked return policy, they offer a 20% discount on food items when you buy 12 or more (shotbloks hell yeah!) and they give their member card holders a 10% dividend every year. Phil loves it because he is a yuppie, outdoorsy, granola lover. You would think he grew up in Santa Cruz sometimes.

Oh, I also like REI for the sexy faux fur lined vests they have right now. Hawt, right? And the amount of time I get to spend taking self portraits while P does stuff.

Also, REI’s parking lot is filled with these, which I also love, I guess I’m the granola lover now… Christmas present 2013 please? I think so.

Alright it’s off to hit the mat so I can get some ripped abs, yo!

Has anyone had success with yoga and running? I really want to do yoga but I am one non flexible girly.


7 thoughts on “Is Running Enough?

  1. So, I kind of fell off the yoga wagon (not entirely because I actually teach yoga), but when I was doing it 2-3 times a week, I had much fewer weird aches and pains. Like right now, my let IT band is cranky. Since Sunday. This didn’t happen when I was doing more yoga. It’s just a matter of finding the time!

  2. Iยดve heard great things about only training 3 days a week… one long run, one tempo, one speed workout. People claim to start PRing like crazy when they switch to this kind of training schedule. I think the key is to really make the most of each workout. Doing the cross training will keep you in good shape, and youยดll be at lower risk for injury and burnout. Meh reading your blog makes me want to run again, but itยดs hard to find the time, and I have to find a park near my house because people donยดt run on the streets here haha. And I wanna do yoga… gah why is it so expensive, esp in Madrid!?!?!?!

  3. Yoga is the best, especially after long runs. Pigeon pose is amazing at any time, especially after a run. Hot Yoga is even better. Check out Corepower, it’s wehre I fell in love with it ๐Ÿ™‚

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