Is Running Enough?

Tuesday workout: 4 mile base run, 25min strength and body weight training

*Note, I accidentally posted that I ran my 15 miler in 1 hour 17 minutes, which while that would be AMAZING is certainly not true. Apologies for the typo, I am a normal, medium paced runner, it was TWO hours and 17 min… 2:17 got it? Good 🙂

We got some rain in San Diego today. Good thing I wore my sunglasses on our run…

I felt tired and was happy to trot along at a recovery (i.e. slow) pace with P-Love. We did a quick flat 4 mile out and back and still have our strength routine to knock out later tonight.

There is a new book out by Jeff Horowitz on how to train for marathons without running for all of your training workouts. Smart Marathon Training : Run Your Best Without Running Yourself Ragged  focuses on running 3x a week and cross/strength training the rest of the time. I really miss spinning regularly, want to start yoga and have a feeling that these 3-6 mile base runs aren’t going to get any more exciting between now and December. I think I may pick this book up and get into the groove of a more varied program.


Don’t get me wrong, Hal Higdon’s plan is kicking some serious ass. I just need a little variety, especially as the weather gets colder; waking up at 5am to run in La Jolla’s fog is not something I want to do 6 days a week. Could be worse, I could be running in the snow right?


I picked up a new package of NUUN at REI today, I didn’t get the U Hydration but instead got the standard Orange NUUN… Uhydration is sweetened with Stevia and this one is sweetened with Sorbitol, crap. Sugar alcohols and I don’t get along. I will probably use it this weekend for my medium distance run on Saturday and see how it goes.


I like REI for a few reasons: The staff is always friendly and helpful, they have a 100% no questions asked return policy, they offer a 20% discount on food items when you buy 12 or more (shotbloks hell yeah!) and they give their member card holders a 10% dividend every year. Phil loves it because he is a yuppie, outdoorsy, granola lover. You would think he grew up in Santa Cruz sometimes.

Oh, I also like REI for the sexy faux fur lined vests they have right now. Hawt, right? And the amount of time I get to spend taking self portraits while P does stuff.

Also, REI’s parking lot is filled with these, which I also love, I guess I’m the granola lover now… Christmas present 2013 please? I think so.

Alright it’s off to hit the mat so I can get some ripped abs, yo!

Has anyone had success with yoga and running? I really want to do yoga but I am one non flexible girly.


7 thoughts on “Is Running Enough?

  1. So, I kind of fell off the yoga wagon (not entirely because I actually teach yoga), but when I was doing it 2-3 times a week, I had much fewer weird aches and pains. Like right now, my let IT band is cranky. Since Sunday. This didn’t happen when I was doing more yoga. It’s just a matter of finding the time!

  2. I´ve heard great things about only training 3 days a week… one long run, one tempo, one speed workout. People claim to start PRing like crazy when they switch to this kind of training schedule. I think the key is to really make the most of each workout. Doing the cross training will keep you in good shape, and you´ll be at lower risk for injury and burnout. Meh reading your blog makes me want to run again, but it´s hard to find the time, and I have to find a park near my house because people don´t run on the streets here haha. And I wanna do yoga… gah why is it so expensive, esp in Madrid!?!?!?!

  3. Yoga is the best, especially after long runs. Pigeon pose is amazing at any time, especially after a run. Hot Yoga is even better. Check out Corepower, it’s wehre I fell in love with it 🙂

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