Winged Machines, Winged Feet

Sunday workout: Nada, more on that crap in a bit

Monday workout: 15 miles, 2:17, with music, HOT and sunny 9:30ish avg pace. 

Yesterday I had a great plan (rightttt). I was going to go with P to the Miramar Air Show, sit in the heat all day, not eat enough and then go for a 15 mile run at 3pm. Mhm wtf was I thinking? After sitting in the sun and inhaling the fumes from some great all american bad assery I felt pretty terrible.

My workout yesterday ended up amounting to 3 hours of walking around looking at men in uniform planes. This is the second week in a row that I have taken 2 days off and I am less than impressed with myself. Ok, Ok, my Hal Higdon plan had me taking 2 days off this week, but I still don’t like it.

So, in order to remedy the self loathies, my goals for this week are:

Only take 1 day off

Stick to my 1500 calorie plan for training

Strength train T, W, Th, Sa

I’m on it.

Today P-Love and I made up for my Slacker Sunday. We ran 15 miles. I was still stoked on my last 15 miler in Tahoe and couldn’t wait to see if I had it in me to tackle another.

We ran great! I had a few more aches and the soles of my feet got a bit sore, but other than that we crushed it. Please excuse my sweaty mug, it was HOT out today and we were running in pretty direct sun.

I ate shotbloks at mile 6 (3) mile 10 (2) and mile 13 (1.5). I’ve been running with NUUN in my camelbak (P totes the CB since he is the best) and between the electrolytes in the NUUN and the shotbloks I think I have a pretty solid system worked out. P is still a bit tired from his backpacking trip but as always he helped push me to do my best.

The best part of the run? It ended at Kotija Jr. my FAVORITE taco shop in Encinitas. This place has the BEST fish tacos ever. EVER. I have eaten a lot of fish tacos, I know my stuff. P was polite and only ate half of his meal, I was starved so he had to pry the styrofoam plate from me and explain that I couldn’t eat it.

This was also the test run for my Lululemon speed skirt. I loved it. 2+ hours of running and it was comfortable and perfect from start to finish. I especially love the waist band, it doesn’t cut in at all. I fully plan on getting at least one more. Even though Rock and Roll Vegas is going to be cold, I don’t know if I want to wear pants.

2 weeks until the Temecula Half Marathon! I can’t wait! Chacha (Ragnar teammate) is running it as well, and since it is only 25o people total, I hope to cross paths with her and the hubs! I am also happy to say that the Ragnar team has a name! We are now team So Much Cooler Online (it’s true). Woohoo and thanks to all that voted!

What do you all think? Pants for R&R or will compression socks and a skirt cut it??


5 thoughts on “Winged Machines, Winged Feet

  1. Yaaaay for a great 15 miler! 1:17 is speedy girl! WOWZA!

    GL @ Temecula. You gals are going to have a blast 🙂 I bet running through the vineyards will be beautiful!

    re: Vegas. I am still debating on what to wear too! I may go compression tights…we shall see. Love your new skirt. Love, love, love it!

  2. Are you asking about R&R Vegas? Because if you are, I would say go for capris or tights. It can get pretty cold in Vegas. I would bring those things just in case.

    p.s. I am jealous of that view where you run. I don’t have it too bad but yours is much better.

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