RagTeam Meetup

Friday workout: rest, oh yeah and like 4 hours of power walking, that counts right?

Saturday workout: was a scheduled rest, started out thinking I was going to do 7, ended up doing 4. Not feeling too hot + strength training

Today was a scheduled rest day with a plan for a hard effort mock half marathon tomorrow. Since apparently I don’t give an eff about training plans I decided to shoot for 7 today and 15 tomorrow…

That whole 7 mile plan died pretty quick. I don’t know if it was because I spent a lot of time on my feet yesterday, didn’t eat/drink enough or what, but I was feeling sick and walked the last mile+ home.

The first official RagTeam meet up was at Pizza Port in Carlsbad today.

I stopped in Encinitas along the way to give Drama-Mamma her wedding present, WAY overdue!


Pizza Port introduced me to what may be my new favorite beer, Carlsbad Cream. Delish.

I wasn’t sure I was going to eat because of my “not feeling goodness”, but SR ordered veggie pizza with artichokes which is my fav and I couldn’t say no after one beer had me too buzzed to drive. Thanks SR, my clean driving record appreciates it!

I was a little nervous to both meet so many women whom I admire as athletes but also to just jump in and meet a bunch of new people in general. I’m still getting my bearings in SoCal and haven’t quite made it home yet, so it was really amazing to meet a bunch of women who love running as much as me and don’t get tired of talking about ways to not chafe, run on no sleep, sneak a race into a vaycay with your bf/gf etc. All in all I can’t wait for our next meet up or the actual race!

Traffic on the way home was a pain in the ass, but HauteRunningMama sent us off with goodie bags so I had some sweettarts to ease the pain of sitting in my car for an hour.

I brought P-Love a pizza for dinner because I am an amazing GF.

15 miles to my favorite Mexican food tomorrow. It’s all worth it. Plans to make sure tomorrow is an amazing run:

Shuffle full of sweet beats, Clif shotbloks, Balance Bar for brekkie.

I ate a bit more than normal today, but I was hungrier so that’s how that goes… My plan is to wake up, grab a cup of coffee and head to the air show with P. We will probably run around 3pm and hit the road shortly after. I’ll need 1 solid meal in me pre-run so I will likely be packing that lunch unless funnel cake is the optimum pre run fuel. *fingers crossed*


12 thoughts on “RagTeam Meetup

  1. Oh looks like I missed the party train. I wasn’t able to make it today so thanks for filling me in. Look forward to the next meet up. I love that shirt!

  2. Oh, and we’ll have to find each other at Temecula and say hi. I should have my reluctant race supporter (i.e. husband) with me – he’s my stuff holder πŸ™‚

    I’m hoping it isn’t too hard (and hot) a race – we’ll see I guess.

  3. Hey! I just discovered your blog through skinny runner. love it and love your cute running skirt! I just moved to San Diego and am looking for some good places for long runs dabling with the idea of running the marathon in Carlsbad), any suggestions?

    1. It all depends on what part of SD you’re in. There are great trail runs in Mission Trails and Penasquitos Canyon. The paved walkway from La Jolla (Torrey Pines State Beach) north all the way through Encinitas is amazing. Balboa Park is good for 9-10 miles. Good luck with your training!!!

  4. Hey there! I’m new to running AND new to your blog! Enjoying both so far.

    I love your running skirt. Do you mind to post some details about it? Cute clothes=running motivation for me.

    Can’t wait to read more!

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