Finally Moving

First a little something to get your weekend moving…

Thursday workout: 4mi run + strength training <– that’s right I busted out the weights again, finally.

Marathon training is still going great. My Garmin 210 that my mom bought for me a few weeks ago is great, except that the HRM stopped connecting. I bought it at REI so that if anything ever happened to it, I could swoop in on their 100% awesome return policy.

On Monday I fell off my bike (whoops) and my right knee is a little meh about the whole incident. I’m hoping that today on my 7miler I don’t feel anything too serious and can go ahead as planned with tomorrow’s 15 miler.

I’ve been eating great since Tahoe and my goal weight is feeling like it’s just around the corner, right there with my goal time for these next few races.

I got a promotion of sorts at work this week and feel really good about it. P wanted to celebrate so Thursday we went to LOFT at UCSD. It is pretty much one of my favorite restaurants, and we can walk to it from home. LOFT serves sandwiches, salads and other pub favorites with a modern and more delicious flair. They also do amazing beer and wine flights.  After a beer flight, my favorite salad and lots of  congratulations from P-Love I was exhausted, but feeling great.

Of course no celebration is complete without froyo.

Friday a journey to Orange County was made. P had never been to the beach cities of Orange County, and I love an excuse to visit South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island. sucker. We wandered up the PCH like tourists and spent the day shopping around.

No trip is complete without a stop at Salt Creek.

or gawking at the Ritz.

P eating ridiculous amounts of food. This was Pain du Monde and judging by the speed at which P ate his food it was good. I tried his croissant and it was about 10x too buttery for me… I like my croissants filled with Marzipan, you know, healthy.

My boyfriend was bound and determined to buy me presents which always makes shopping fun, we found the Lululemon skirt I wanted, but as usual they were sold out of almost everything in my size, so I couldn’t find a shirt. I think this may be my 1st Marathon skirt of champions… just sayin’.

*please note that my beefy runner thighs will be in this skirt in upcoming photos, do not be offended.

We tried to go to Tory Burch for the flip flops I really want, but they didn’t have them. Lame Ms. Burch. Lame.

I’m going to say it, San Diego shopping is better.

I made the common mistake of not eating enough (“just one more store and then I will find a snack” x100) and by 5pm thought I was going to pass out. Appetizers and drinks at Scott’s did the trick. I’m on a goat cheese kick so we got the cheese plate, some ahi tuna and paired those with delightfully classy beers. What?



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