Coronado Island Fun

Wednesday workout: 5 mile run, easy 10mile pace, sunset run– my fave

Today I had a doctor’s appointment in downtown SD to have my blood work done. Everything from vitamin deficiencies to hormones to my thyroid are being checked… fingers crossed that I am normal on all counts.

I’m pretty sure my doctor was hitting on P. Comments like, “Oh, are you coming in the room too?” “Well, you guys are so healthy but you (Phil) have to get sick sometime and come see me, right?” “You look like the guys you see in movies.” Uhhuh, yeah my bf is one hot tamale, ginger piece of man meat, hands off Doc! It did remind me of how lucky I am, though.

I had a really positive day, I’m finally working a job that I see as my career, I have a great weekend planned, my boyfriend rules, I got to talk to my dad, life is good. Oh, and bonus I lost 4lbs over my vacation!!! Hell yes!

Because we were already in downtown SD we headed over to Coronado Island for lunch and some quality time. Some sushi and seafood for P (I had edamame and a tuna roll) and we set off to wander the island on a gorgeous sunny day. I have been wanting to buy P a gourmet ice cream sando from MOO Time since forever and today he finally indulged me, look how happy that man is.

He indulged me in some Peet’s at UCSD before we finally tackled our 5miler.

I usually like running first thing in the AM but as I had a doctor’s appointment today my whole schedule was messed up i.e. nonexistent. P and I did a 5 mile sunset run. It was great, felt amazing, uneventful really, just enjoyable.

I did, however, decide on a the skirt I want to wear for the Rock and Roll Marathon in Vegas…


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