Don’t Suck, Rock the Vote

Tuesday workout: 4 mile run 9:15 avg. pace, no music, overcast BS La Jolla weather, should have strength trained… crap!

I feel like Tuesday is the “sophomore slump” of the week. It’s eons away from Friday and the weekend is now too far away to remember (or maybe that’s just my shitty memory) and so I feel like it just drags. Add to that some shitty weather and I straight up want to move to Palm Springs. Why does the fog sit right over La Jolla?!?! Why does everyone jock LJ so hard? It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, pack the boxes P we’re moving to City Heights, I’ll carry a shank to live somewhere warmer!!!

Just kidding, just kidding. My friend Steve always talks about how he gets a little down after taking amazing vacations and I think that may be what I’m going through right now.

On the upside, being at 6000ft+ elevation for 10 days meant that on my run yesterday I was KILLING it. Thank you extra red blood cells.

I killed a perfect cafe au lait this morning before getting my day started. I fully blame Max for getting me addicted to caffeine over the last couple of weeks. Good job, friend.

Today P and I ran a quick 4 before he headed out to start his semester as a TA. Our pace is improving, the Hal Higdon plan is perfection and we are getting stronger. I worry that we push it too hard, though. Our planned race pace was a 10min mile but at this point I feel like we may be stronger than that. I worry about running our midweek runs (which are supposed to be at an easy pace) too fast. My only real plan is to keep listening to my body. After my perfect 15miler in Tahoe, I feel like I can do anything.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get extensive blood tests done, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid etc. Fingers crossed everything comes back normal!

Also don’t forget to vote for our Ragnar Team name!!!

SkinnyRunnerChachaMargot, moi, Pam, HauteRunningMama


PrettyFittieKate & AngMonicaBrokeRunner



One thought on “Don’t Suck, Rock the Vote

  1. When I lived in the San Diego area I was in La Mesa and my friend from La Jolla used to always come lay out at my pool because of the cooler temps and fog!!! Although La Jolla is so gorgeous and I loved running there!!!

    Since I’m sans Garmin and use a regular old watch I can’t really tell my exact pace, but I def try and listen to how my body feels. Sounds like you’re doing great 🙂

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