Saturday Workout: 14.75 miles 2:24, That’s less than a 10min mile average!!!

I was originally going to run my 15 miler tomorrow, but decided to get it done today and then not have to rush to get out of town in the morning. I tried to calculate my run, but google maps lied initially and I was trying to run 8.5miles out and 6.5 miles back to Max’s work where I stopped. I thought I would hit 15 right at his work, sadly it was 14.75, ce la vie.

During the last mile I was booking a sub 9min pace and even though I came up a bit short I still called it; Then, I walked the 2.2 miles back to his house feeling like a gazillion bucks. 2 Fruit Leathers and 1 package of shot bloks (today) and Max’s homemade protein/carb dinner of my dreams last night really seemed to do the trick.

Or maybe it was that I got to run through this.

For the first time in what feels like forever I listened to music the entire time I ran. I had a sweet downtempo-dubstep Pandora vibe going on and it was like a soundtrack for my life. Having someone to talk to on runs is important for me so in P’s absence I had to have music.

I feel amazing, my long runs are getting easier and faster all of their own accord. P gets done with his hike tomorrow; things are good.

Last night I watched The Art of Flight, I LOVE snowboarding movies. I have never in my life snowboarded, but the movies always have killer soundtracks and for some reason all that snow and good cinematography just puts me at ease.

The boys of Tahoe are pining for snow, even after a record winter with snow lasting into June! They have more snowboards and skiis and gear than anyone I have ever met and of course in the off season they all rock climb and mountain bike, it’s like an endless summer camp out here, I can see why people get sucked in and never leave.

Without a doubt Northern California has my heart and I am a little sad to leave. I saw a guy with a Chico State T-Shirt on my run and I gave him a quick shout out, it definitely pepped me up for at least 30min.

Tomorrow it’s back to the boys and onward to San Diego. At least I have the prospect of a blogger meetup next weekend to keep me happy! Pizza, beer and the RagTeam?! Hell yes!


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