Tahoe Sunset

Friday Workout: Rest day

Yesterday NatGeo was hanging out at the Obexer’s Marina with a SUBMARINE! They are doing some filming of the lake bottom or something in this tiny Cessna looking sub. I was stoked, mostly because I love NatGeo like any proper nerd should.

I stopped by Safeway (Safeway not VONS!!! πŸ˜€ <3) today to pick up some goodies for my long run on Sunday. I will be running the same morning and parts of the same route as the Tahoe Marathon (part of Tahoe’s marathon week). I feel a little bad about basically banditing part of the course but I need a nice flat 7.5 stretch to do an out and back and I don’t want to do a trail run.

Max and I wandered around South Lake Tahoe yesterday evening. I have a serious love for the whole flashy snowboarding look, so it’s really fun to shop with Max. We grabbed dinner at Stateline Brewery and then headed to Zephyr Cove to watch the sunset. Seriously, this is why people give up everything to live in Tahoe.

Time to work work work today, I have a hugely important week coming up.

I’m running on Chais (made perfectly by Max) because I haven’t been sleeping very well without P-Love. Hopefully he is enjoying his delicious iodine water, bivvy sack and 20 mile days. Crazy Ass.


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