West Shore Tahoe, CA

Thursday workout: 5 mile run, some hills, around beautiful Lake Tahoe, between 9:30-10:00 min mile.

Yesterday I left cute Bishop Ca and headed north for Lake Tahoe.

The 4 hour drive took a bit over 6 hours due to A LOT of road construction that had all cars stopped for 20-45 min at a time, and a little detour to Mono Lake for some pictures and a snack break.

Yes that is a large obsidian rock, they also had a pumice one, but I was too busy exfoliating my feet on it to get a picture.

The drive up was one of the most beautiful roads I have ever taken. I was surprised to see LOADS of cyclists out climbing huge hills in the middle of nowhere.

After lots of delay and a little rain I made it to beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Max took me to dinner at The West Shore Cafe. It was beautiful. His roommate is a chef there so we had an AMAZING dinner and got 2 free drinks and a hello from his roomie Emerson. The windows were open out onto the lake and the sun had just set, it was very romantic (haha). We spent the couple of hours talking about relationships, family, our futures.

Max’s house looks like all of the houses in Tahoe, made of stained logs and wood, exposed ceiling beams, wood paneled walls. They are all beautiful and his is quite a bit of fun as he lives there with 3 roommates and a temporary roommate who is moving into his new house in a few weeks. It felt like college,  boys bullshitting with each other, more booze than food and snowboards tucked into every nook and cranny. I had to pull EVERYTHING out of my car last night, even chapstick, to prevent any chance of bear visits (seriously).

My run was a 5 miler, it was supposed to be 4, but of course I got a bit lost/distracted by the gorgeous scenery. People don’t mess around with their lake houses, they are AMAZING. Sadly I forgot my camera so I will have to get photos tomorrow on my run.

For now I will spend the rest of my day enjoying the beautiful weater, and Obexer’s.


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