Bishop, Ca

*** Written on Wednesday, but posted today due to internet issues

Currently sitting in The Looney Bean in Bishop, CA.


Monday workout: 3.5 mile hike with the fam

Tuesday workout: 4 mile run, to Wal-Mart and back… awwww yeah. We needed road trip food, what?

Wednesday workout: 7 mile run around Bishop… in a town of 3k people, 7 miles is hard to find.

I did a tour de Bishop this morning on my run. Here are some pictures of this beautiful mountain town.

 I took a 7min hot shower for $1 at the campground and then settled down with a green tea, a vitatop and my laptop to catch up!

The trip to see my sister and the family was amazing. I had several days to unwind, work on my tan and see some hidden gems. Elko is tucked next to mountains, green, gorgeous, stream-filled mountains. Random right?

P-Love and I left Elko Tuesday morning and started our way southwest back to California. We drove through so much nothingness. It is incredible to think that there is so much open space in the U.S. I slept a little and didn’t miss much more than some of the endless sagebrush sea that is most of Nevada.

Our destination was Bishop, a town of about 3000 people that is extremely well known among climbers (both mountain and rock), anglers and campers. P made it to the ranger station at 4:58pm (it closed at 5pm) to get his permit and Bear Keg.

Steve pulled into town not much after us, and we all headed to grab something to eat. Salads for me, pizza for the boys and we were off to pack for the trip and set up our campsite. I ate a giant nectarine and helped the boys pack.

P forgot our tent, but Steve stopped by P’s Mom’s house and grabbed a spare tent for us.

This was our tent, less than 5ft long, broken poles…EPIC. I’ll say this though, Thank You Mama C. for giving us shelter even if it was a bit ridiculous. I was in a North Face mummy bag and STILL cold, I think the camping gods hate me.

P and S are currently hiking the portion of the John Muir Trail that runs from Bishop, Ca to Mount Whitney. They will climb Whitney and meet me at Whitney Portal. I can’t wait to see those boys :).

I’ll be spending the next few days in Tahoe with Max, making a stop at Mono Lake along the way. Mono Lake is amazing because they just discovered a completely new life form in it’s poisonous waters.

P left me a letter to read for each day he is gone, I love that man.


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