Quick Update

Holy Bejesus, my internet is SLOWWWW.

Sunday workout: 14 mile run, easy pace, 10:50 mile avg. pace, mostly flat, hot and sunny desert.

P and I had an amazing long run. We did a straight shot out into the desert. Our scenery was a mix of impressive mining equipment (lots of gold mines in Elko), a pretty river, downtown Elko and LOTS of desert.

We felt great, ran well, talked the whole way and got chauffeured  back to the Sis’ house by my BIL. He picked us up with cold waters (we ran out eesh), some jelly bellies (bad idea) and gave us the local knowledge of the gold mining industry.

Note to self, rob a gold mine…! My BIL said that in a really good shift, mines have pulled over $2m in gold. HOLY CRAP!

P and I are using the internet at Starbucks since everything else is closed on Sunday, we were greeted by this awesome bumper sticker. Oh Nevada, so welcoming. *wink*. To be honest, Elko is always a fun look into a whole different life, it’s slower, and like something out of a Old West movie. I like it, and coming here always makes me relax and forget my stresses.

Time for some Mexican food. The run left me feeling like hell, I think I am dehydrated, but what good Bleeding Heart Californian would turn down a vegetarian burrito?! We must keep our image up!




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