Updates from “The Heart of Nevada”.

Rest Day

We are exhausted. My niece and nephew are amazing and P is in heaven because he had Pasties for lunch. I had a few bites of a blueberry pie and I am rethinking this whole “I love healthy living” thing. *wink*

I currently have NO internet, am in a town of less than 30k people, and am 4 hours from the nearest large airport, Nordstrom or Peet’s. In other words I am ROUGHING it. I’m loving my little getaway/vaycay so far.

Sadly, posts may be going up a day late or so because I have to jaunt down to the nearest free wifi spot. I’m at Starbucks right now, but I think tomorrow I may post up at a local coffee shop like “Sierra Java”. Supporting the local businesses you know?

Fun fact from our drive yesterday: Even the most expensive premium gas at a middle of nowhere “expensive” station was cheaper that regular unleaded in La Jolla. Nevada knows what’s up, no state income tax either?!


Dinner at Kubuki Sushi (I would link it, but it has no website omfg). We did some work on A LOT of sushi.

I hope everyone is enjoying the start to their weekend!! Good luck to my RagTeammates SkinnyRunner and HauteRunningMama with their races in Maui this weekend!!!!

I’ve got a 7mile pace run and a 14miler on the books for Saturday and Sunday with P-Love, should be a good weekend.

Saturday: From Sierra Java, as promised πŸ™‚

Saturday workout: 7 mile run, uphill. Short sit-up session afterward

P and I ran 7 miles straight out and had my BIL pick us up at the end. We ran from L&D’s house to the “snow bowl” which serves as their tiny ski lift operation in the winter. Today is was hosting a motocross competition so we were passed by lots of trucks toting dirtbikes along the way. Most people looked at us like we were crazy, not many runners in Elko, yet.

We also ran across cattle grates. Open range cattle run the state of Nevada, crazy, however it does ensure some kick ass fresh beef. BBQ tonight? Yes, please.

My sister’s best friend Erren is an AVEDA trained stylist and she helped my bank account by dying and cutting my hair for me today. I did the ombre thing a few months ago, but with fall approaching it was time to get back to a darker, more striking vibe.

Basically, I love it! Thanks Erren and DOUBLE thanks for being willing to stay on your feet and work my mop into something pretty while being 39 weeks preggo! This soon to be momma has more energy and is the least grumpy preggo woman ever.

Tonight is BBQ night with the fam and some friends. I also get to meet one of my readers from Nevada, yay!

And Sprinkles Cupcakes FINALLY!

Last note, Douggy Fresh getting creative. My sis said he needed to watch Ash while he cooked, so he improvised


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