No Name, No Fame

Wednesday’s workout: 10 mile midweek run, with a 2 mile beast of a hill. 1:43

So, as anyone who has had a 5min or more convo with me in the last month knows, I am super stoked to be running the SoCal Ragnar Relay on 4/20 (forreal) and 4/21 next year. Basically my little baby blogger dreams have come true and I get to run with some of my favorite bloggers, ladies who have totally inspired me to take my running to the next level.

We have 2 teams! One Ultra (i.e. CRAZY) team of 6, and the team of 12 ladies that I am running on. Almost all of us are bloggers, and we are running a contest on our blogs to name our teams. There should be some pretty amazing shwag (Skinny Runner Tshirt anyone!?) for the winner. (Feel free to creep my Ragnar page and check out my teammates, they are some amazing women.)

The race is 200 miles from Huntington Beach to Coronado Island and we will be stuffed into vans for a 24hour race that will hopefully scar us for life give us great memories. Some of the suggestions that have been posted over on SkinnyRunner’s blog are hilarious. I can’t wait to get out my tutu and tiara and run with my slap bracelet baton in April.

I better start my booze training stat because I am a one drink wonder and OUAL looks to be a lady who can hang with the best of them.

Have a beer and give me some suggestions, I know all of the grad students who read my blog are bound to have some hilarious ideas, ehem Natalie and Amanda!!!!!


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