Workout Roundup

Catching up my workout log, since this is supposed to be my “Keep track of training for races blog”….right?

Thursday workout: Rest day + 30min cardo strength

Friday workout: 4 mi base run, strength training

Saturday workout: 4 mi base run + 4 hours of dancing until I thought I was going to pull something. Is there a better workout??

Sunday workout: cross training, VERY light day, basically lots of walking around.

Even though Max was up from Friday morning to Monday afternoon, P and I stuck to our training schedule fairly well. We scaled down our Saturday run, moved our long run and rest days around but still fit it all in. It makes me feel amazing that I don’t view training as a burden.

Strength training has become difficult for me to stick to lately. I love the results I see, but for some reason can’t get my head in the game. I’m trying different routines and just discovered Glitch Mob, which should be the PERFECT strength routine music, so hopefully that helps.

P and I are feeling stronger, our pace is improving and we are hopeful of reaching our marathon goal in December. I would definitely recommend Hal Higdon’s plan to any beginner-intermediate runner. I don’t know about his advanced plan but if I like this marathon, and run another, I will probably work off of his advanced training schedule.

We are trying to keep our running interesting, so lately we have run out to the beach, to the gliderport (hang gliders, para gliders etc.) mixing in some hill training and trying to keep the conversation lively. All of that really helps, but if all else fails I may start carrying my shuffle with me as a last resort motivational tool. This weekend P-Run and I have a 14 miler in Elko, NV while we visit my sister (is Elko even 14 miles across??!!! Maybe we will run to nearby town of Spring Creek) and next weekend I will be in Tahoe running a 15 miler at 6000+ ft elevation, whew! New locations should put a little pep in my step!

I bought some Nuun U Hydration at REI and it has successfully eliminated my cramps during runs, electrolytes for the win!!!

I can’t wait to run the Las Vegas Rock and Roll! Wrap up the year with NYE in Tahoe and then start scheduling races for 2012. On the calendar so far are Ragnar in April, and possibly Rock and Roll Savannah, and the San Diego Marathon in March. Any race suggestions? Come on Ragnar Team, speak up!!


3 thoughts on “Workout Roundup

  1. I’m running the Hollywood Half a few weeks before Ragnar. The Kaiser Perm SoCal Half in Irvine in January is on my list and maybe the Mermaid Half again in Feb in your neck of the woods.

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