She’s ALIVE!

Monday workout: 9miles with a HUGE 2 mile hill. 1:32. Felt great.

Ok I have been ghosted out for a few days! I have a great reason though! This pretty little face came to visit me.

One of my BEST friends (we met when I was 12) came down to visit. Max lives in Tahoe and shreds its like a real GNAR GNAR all winter long. When the snow melts, he wanders out of Tahoe to visit his friends and see his favorite artists spin live. The man has impeccable taste in music.

He contacted me about AbstractFest 2011 a few weeks ago and the minute I realized that it would be a smaller party, here in San Diego with some AMAZING talent I was totally on board. I love EDM, P loves EDM, we are old and don’t want to deal with the throngs of 17 year olds at Deadmau5 shows (even though I ❤ the Mau5).

The venue was Broadway Pier, which is beautiful, right on the water and had an old school warehouse feel to it.

The talent was 100% quality, I saw ARTY spin, he may be 5’5″ but the man is a-freaking-mazing.

I also saw Minnesota, he’s from where I grew up, and gave me a taste of some quality dubstep. I’m sure all of the people at the nearby naval base, and on all of the ships in the bay were getting a nice earful. hehe.

I have to say it was nice to not drive to LA to see a quality group of artists. I also have to say that Revel.Us (the promoters) SUCKED. Yes, I understand that a blackout stretching across all of S. Cal put a wrinkle in things but seriously? Facebook and Twitter are easy places to give your party-goers updates. 4 people dropped off of the setlist? Let us know! We didn’t even have a setlist, so it was a mad cluster to run from one stage to the other trying to figure out when your DJs were coming on. The doors opened 2.5 hours late, the setup was half-assed, the tickets were seriously overpriced for what you got. Oh and the kicker… the venue was listed incorrectly on the website. Fail Fail. The DJ’s were amazing but your planning sucked. I planned better events for ASB when I was 15.

I was pretty heated until I danced my bedazzled butt off for 4 hours and met some amazing people. I remembered that the reason I love going out and doing this is for the music and the community and both were amazing. All in all a great night.

Updates on workouts, touristy travels over the weekend and how I learned a whole new language of Tahoe-snowboarder slang from Max (Do I sound cool yet!?) to come…

If anyone is ever in SD and wants to go jump around to some EDM, ya’ll just let me know!


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