Heat Wave Baby

Tuesday workout: 3.88 miles + 30 min cardio strength + 3.5mile walk + 1hr kayaking

Wednesday workout: 5.65 miles early morning, easy pace…. holy HOT ๐Ÿ˜€ finally a heat wave!!

Yesterday P and I finally cashed in on a present I bought him a few months ago, a kayak rental for 2! I love kayaking, and P erm sort of loves it. Well he likes boats, but the last time he was in a kayak, he almost died of hypothermia– no joke. I sort of forgot about that when I bought me ย him this present, but he was actually really excited and we had so much fun. At one point we had like 20 min to kill so we pulled up our paddles, dropped our life vests (ok P kept his on and his emergency whistle close by) and soaked up some uninterrupted sun. I now have an awesome front-body only sunburn. I loved it, I want to kayak again soon, and do it up north on possibly the Sacramento River or something fun like that! Seals, fishies, kelp beds and birds were everywhere, luckily, no sharks.

P had on these awesome things to make sure he didn’t lose his sunglasses in the water (OMFG I was so embarrassed of his old man antics!!!!)

We came home to a package from REI …

Our new sleeping bag came yay!!! I really want to get one camping trip in before it gets too cold and P-Muir bought me this bag because our old one didn’t keep me warm enough. He is going to take it backpacking in a week or so and break it in for me.

To say thank you for the sleeping bag, I bought Philly McSugarlover an ICEE at Target, barf they taste like non-set jello mixed with ice… weirdo <3.

It’s finally nice and hot in San Diego and I am soaking it up! P and I walked around campus today running some pre-school year errands for him and enjoying the heat. If someone tries to shade me with a sun umbrella I will punch them in the face.

In food news:

I totally made oatmeal with baby food added into it today… don’t judge me. It was actually delicious, I’ll definitely consider this the next time I’m needing a carb fix. Laura, buy those for Lilli! Fruits and veggies and they taste amazing! It was like 99cents at Target, Ellas Garden. Delish! Anddd I made P a cheese board + homemade crepes for dinner. (catas)Trophy girlfriend award goes right here people.

In running news:

Training is going fabulous. I feel like the next couple of weeks are going to be full of improvements. P and I will be doing a bit of traveling so I will have photos from the road and runs out and about Ca/Nv to share and I can’t wait!

I really, really, really want to run the Rock and Roll Savannah next year. I visited Savannah with my mom during the Summer of 2005 (when I first met P) and I have been dying to take him back ever since. I’m hoping we can make it work and save up enough to spend our pre and post run nights here, the Mansion on Forsyth Park.


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