Good News for People Who Love Bad News

Friday workout: 3mi run + 30min cardio strength

Saturday workout: 4mi run I was STRUGGLING :-/ mentally not physically

Sunday workout: 12mi run, felt A-mazing, ate approx 3000 calories eesh.

Monday workout: 90min of walking up and down a really big ass hill, or– cross training potentially 20min of sit-ups pushups etc after this post

Happy Labor Day weekend!!!

Workouts and training have been moving along quite splendidly, for the most part. I feel like the Hal Higdon plan is working great, and my body is getting stronger each week– which is great. The only concern I have is that I’m not burning enough calories, but I have to be careful with that because I have a tendency to want to burn 1000+ calories a day and I know my body isn’t ready for that quite yet.

I got a new workout accessory! My mom left my college graduation present sort of open-ended and until recently I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted. I’ve been meaning to find some way to easily keep track of my mile splits for marathon training, and a GPS heart rate monitor is perfect for that. Also, it prevents P from spending 2 hours a day on mapmyrun. Wins all around. Thanks mom for the Garmin 210 woohoo, I’m schnazzy now! So far it has been amazing!

Lately I have been struggling, mentally. My life is great, I have an amazing boyfriend, a family that is growing closer all the time, the prospect of a kitty in the future (!), I no longer work at a job that made me feel like I was suffocating and out of place, I have enough money, life is good right? For some reason I have been overwhelmed with a sense of dread and depression. My body seems to be fighting against me in odd ways, and has been for months. I finally started doing some serious research and I think I, like so many others, may have something wrong with my thyroid. Crap. I have all of the symptoms of hypothryrodism, but the symptoms are pretty general, so who knows? All I know is that something is not working with my body right now and I want to figure it out.

I am one lucky duck, though. I live across the street from UCSD and one of the best hospitals in the nation. Tomorrow I am making an appointment  with a general physician. I want to explain what I am going through to someone who you know… went to medical school (not that self diagnosis at the Mayo Clinic website isn’t fun…).

Here’s to hoping that whatever the hell is going on isn’t too serious, gets figured out quickly, and is relatively easy to manage.

Yesterday P dragged me to his favorite store … REI. He hangs out with me while I spend hours on end wandering Fashion Valley, so I try to be nice and patient when we go to REI so that he can compare sleeping bags and dehydrated food. eesh.

Phil bought this stuff (except the shirt which I bought him… awwww me)

I bought this stuff (but really my mom bought the Garmin- Gracias Madre!)

The Nuun+vitamins are delicious and I love them yay!

Today was Labor Day. It should have been sunny and wonderful and full of picnics. Instead it rained!!! Despite the weather I had an amazing day. P and I walked up and down our hill and talked about his plans for hiking half of the John Muir Trail this month, and then I got hungry (as usual). We met our friend Amanda for froyo and in my pursuit to hoover it down I forgot the VERY important froyo picture for my blog, eh next time.

We have a new housemate, this Hummingbird has decided to make my Basil plant home, I’m ok with that :).

This evening is likely to be spend with a bit of strength training, some Calvin and Hobbes reading, and 27+ episodes of 30 Rock because I love Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, just try and stop me.

P and I used our cross training day to prep him for his backpacking trip this month. We walked up and down the hill we live on (400+ft) for 90 min. P had his sweet backpack on and I joined him sans pack (thank god).

Kayaking tomorrow!! Fingers crossed for no sharks!!


2 thoughts on “Good News for People Who Love Bad News

  1. You would title your post after a modest mouse album, haha. Loves it. As always, I enjoy blogstalking you and keeping up to date with your life. Oh no, I hope there isn’t anything seriously wrong health wise… I’ve totally self diagnosed online before too, and thankfully I was wrong haha. Always good to get a checkup when things don’t feel right. Keep your head up 🙂

  2. Hypothyroidism is dildos. Thankfully it’s fairly easy to treat. Best of luck! Let us know what happens.

    Also, ask about Lyme disease, since I know you’re out on those trails quite a bit.

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