My Life is so Luxurious


Ok, my life is awesome, and only getting more amazing every day but let me just say…

I grew up in Central California. My high school was wedged between a slough and an artichoke farm (hell yes). We were 10min from the beach… I know that with agriculture and sewers draining into the ocean come an unpleasant smell. I know this. However, I lived 4 hours (as the crow flies) from the ocean for 5 years and I must have forgotten that the beach is NASTY.

Don’t worry- I know how classy twist top bottles of wine are

Last night P-Money and I decided that a quick jaunt down to the beach with one of our adorable P and Ash sized bottles of wine would be fun. How romantic right? Beautiful day, the beach, sunset, wine… YAY! NO. The beach smelled of freshly grated ass cheese, was covered in sand fleas and the tide was coming in. We drank our wine and bonded over the misfortune and talked about how lakes are better than the Pacific Ocean in SO many ways. Are we blessed to live this close to the ocean? Of course, is our life what People Magazine paints Southern California living as? Hell No. Tourists beware, the ocean is kind of gross.

Monday workout: crosstrain (walked because I still don’t know wtf to do for crosstraining) + 30min of cardio strength

Tuesday workout: 3.3mi short run, decent pace through UCSD + 30 min of cardio strength

You all may have noticed a new page labeled “Ragnar 2012” up at the top. I have some amazing news. I will be running the Ragnar Southern California Relay in April of 2012. I’ve wanted to run this SO badly but putting a 12 man/woman team together is a huge committment (big thanks to OUAL for this). I mean these peeps have to spend 24 hours together running 200 miles in a relay down the coast of California. Hopefully a solid mix of beats and some Go Girls will get me through my legs with no problem. The best part: The team I am running with is nearly all bloggers (14/16 of us) and I read a few of these blogs religiously, I mean these are athletes who I really admire and they asked ME to run with them. Yes, I am that excited… ๐Ÿ˜€

Today was a beautiful day so I decided that I could do my work from my laptop, I sincerely believe my productivity went up. P and I went to Bristol Farms, a swanky local grocery, and worked in the sunshine. I had a chai from Peets (my FAV!) but forgot to ask for nonfat milk… dammit. It was an extra creamy treat, oh well!


Tonight was hamburger salad night. Basically I take all of the fixings that you would put on your normal turkey burger, throw it in a bowl, add a turkey burger and some ketchup and then destroy. Burger night in our house is my FAVORITE.

I also had one of these protein bars today, they are the only bars I’ve found that are sweetened with stevia, and I got them at Trader Joe’s, delish!

I have to say, I started this blog as a way to stay accountable. I would have photos from nearly every day and be able to monitor my weight, a running record of my workouts and somewhere to talk about life and training. I was also working a job that was a terrible fit for me at the time, so I needed something to make my soul happy. I never thought that I would meet so many inspiring people through my blog, get to run a race, build my relationships with my friends and family or just be so much happier because of sharing the randomness of my day to day life, but I have, and I am so happy I started this.

Happy Training!



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