Working on My Tan

*correction of workout: I didn’t do strength but instead went on a 3 hour walk/hike

Our 6 miler was hilly and hot but it felt great to get out and push through another run.

I was effing ecstatic to have my food day off. I had pizza for lunch, a hamburger and french fries for dinner and ice cream for dessert. All said and done I managed to stay under maintenance calories for the day. I’m really hoping to step up training this week as well as really trying to stay around 1500 calories a day.

Lunch was at Z-Pizza, this amazing organic, healthier pizza place. I had vegetarian and P had pepperoni. After lunch P and I went for a hike with his History of Environmentalism class. No one was aware that the local nudist colony would have 200+ people rolling around on the beach… students + nude beach was uber awkward..

3 hours of hiking later I was starving. I’ve been craving a burger all week so we headed to Burger Lounge. I left the cheese of my burg as well as the thousand island dressing, making small changes like that is one of the things that helps to keep me from 1.) feeling sick and 2.) feeling guilty.

* I LOVE onions!!!!!!!!!

Post-lunch we popped into old town for a bit, nothing like some kitschy history to brighten your day!


Best news of the day? I might be running the Ragnar 2012 with one of my favorite bloggers!!! Ragnar is a 200 mile race, the one I will be running goes from Huntington Beach to Coronado Island. Details to come!!!

Also, P is going to be hiking 100 miles of the John Muir Trail in a few weeks and I get to be his trail angel, i.e. leap frog him on the trail bringing him good food and hiking a bit. I can’t wait!


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