Sunday RUNday

Saturday workout: 6mi pace run, Mission Beach, Hot and sunny weeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday workout: 6mi endurance building run, 30min cardio strength

Running through Mission Bay yesterday was a treat. It was hot and just early enough (10am or so) that we were able to enjoy the Bayside Ln. bike path as the Pacific/Mission Beach partiers hadn’t recovered enough from their Friday hangovers to come out into the sun.

I do not miss having hangovers. My mom is astounded that I don’t drink very often, I mean I really like 1-2 glasses of wine or cocktails every once in a while, but usually not when I’m counting calories/training. 1 glass of wine = 1 fudgesicle… decisions decisions… I like running better than I like being drunk so I keep it to a buzz and everything goes off just fine. True, I am that obnoxious friend who doesn’t drink, however at 2am when we all drive home, I am the sober friend driving and  willing to stop for burritos, you’re welcome.

Regardless of my lack of hangover I was feeling pretty rough on our run yesterday. Keeping a pace is both fun and stressful, and I really think I was still tired from last Sundays half marathon. I like that I have a time goal in mind and I can use that to push myself a little harder, but it also wears me down because I know if I don’t finish on pace I will be discouraged.

I have been dragging ass all week i.e. In Recovery. My workouts have felt hard and my calorie intake has been about 200cals higher than usual every day. I’m sitting at right about maintenance which is fine, I will take a week of no weight loss in order to let myself recover. Next week, especially my long run on Sunday are going to be real ass kickers if I have anything to say about it. Honestly it makes sense, giving 100% to my 13.1 miles last Sunday wore me out so of course I am going to take several days to recover, I just want to be an unstoppable running machine.

The above charts and graphs are what the smart people have to say. i.e. Work really hard but not too hard and you will reach peak performance, include recover and your base level capability will increase, therefore your peak performance will increase.

My training plan places long runs on Sundays and the go like this… Week 1- long run, week 2- long run, week 3- scaled back long run (for recovery). This 3 week cycle repeats 6 times,  and this week is a scaled back long run, so only 6 miles.

Sunday plans for P and Ash?

Training, tanning on the beach and lunch together is a start, we also have a “nature walk” with the History of Environmentalism class he is helping to teach this summer, which I am totally sneaking into.




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