Lovely Day

Friday workout: 3mi run, good pace, 30 min cardio strength.

It was finally a beautiful cloud free day in Sunny San Diego!!! When P and I moved down here last September we were greeted by a month of 90F weather and cloudless skies, I am hoping for the same Indian Summer again.

I discovered the most amazing tool today. Let me preface by saying that I love money, not in the sense that I am a crazy and will sell my organs, I mean that I love earning, saving and doing fun things with money. I especially love making budgets and folders and sorting my money etc. One of Time’s 50 Best Websites of 2011 is LearnVest. LearnVest is a website that links up your student (and other) loans, credit cards and checking/savings account so that you can monitor all of your spending in one easy place.

I love it. I feel empowered like all of a sudden Michelle Obama is going to send me a card that says, “Keep up the good work classy lady”.

If you are in need of knowing exactly how much you spend at Peet’s each month, go try it out, and it’s FREE! Sweet!

Today I had a significant amount of work to do, luckily for me I was able to pack up and get things done from Balboa Park, the perks of living an amazing life. P came with and we posted up with out laptops outside of the Japanese Friendship Garden. Since it was a Friday in Balboa lots of couples were doing wedding rehearsals or photos, super adorable.

Tonight was Fiesta Friday in our house. Phillipe had tilapia tacos and homemade tortilla chips with salsa. I had a giant salad, so giant I had to put it in a pie dish, yep. 6oz fishies, lots of lettuce, onions, 1T grated pepperjack, 1/4c beans, 1/2c bell pepper and 1 green chile, sliced. I topped my beast off with some salsa and light sour cream and it was amazing.

This weekend should be a fun filled escapade… running, dancing, nature walks hooray!


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