Blue Day Turned Happy

Oh Sweet Baby Jesus my boots came today.
End of the Boot Saga:
On Monday I returned the $350 Steve Madden boots, you didn’t think I would, did you?! (jerks)
I came home and jumped on, my shoes were out of stock. People, if there is one thing I will persevere for, it’s great boots. I chatted with a SM sales rep online, and she looked up my boots. 2 stores in the US still had my size, they were both in Colorado. BOOYA, ordered!
Oh Cherry Creek Steve Madden in Denver, CO, how I love you. I called the store, ordered my boots and !!! they were on sale. Win.
Today when the UPS guy brought them I was a smidge excited, and they even came with a note ❤ I love Colorado.
P-Love could tell I was feeling down yesterday. It was foggy, I didn’t want to get out of bed and I was naggy. He promised me Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and coaxed me and my really bad morning hair out of bed. I pouted and decided that I would make Thursday my rest day, so that I could “rest” more of course. Oh no, P-Love promised me date nights and hot weather inland so I got ready and made my day work. Isn’t it amazing when you have a partner who rules like he does?
We came home and I whipped up a Gardein Chik’n Marsala. I normally don’t like packaged foods, and we don’t have a microwave, but I LOVE Chicken Marsala so a tofu-esque version with fairly low sodium sounded amazing. It was. If you are in a hurry grab one of these bad boys. I made one piece with sauce (160 cals) and sautéed some onions in (of course) before throwing it over a large bowl of green leaf lettuce. A-mazing.
Friday is now a 3 mile run + strength training instead of a rest day (maybe I will suck it up and actually run this beezy fast to make up for my slacking today), then Balboa Park for some more sunshine and a dinner date somewhere. Pictures of THE boots to come later today I’m sure.

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