“Dieting” and What Works for Me

Thursday workout: woke up and it was gloomy and grey, called it a rest day and swapped with tomorrow 🙂

Today was a gloomy day in La Jolla so I spent a significant portion of it reading. At home, at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and back home.


I’m reading a new book called Mindless Eating, Why We Eat More Than We Think by Brian Wansink, Ph.D. who is a food psychologist. Buy this book and read it, it’s funny, easy to read and sourced with a multitude of peer reviewed studies. It’s not so much a diet book, but more of a look into why we eat what we do.

I tried dieting once upon a time, it was an unhappy place for me. I’ve spent this entire year learning more about my body and the science within it and OMG have I learned A LOT!

Lots of people ask me what I eat or how I stay fit. Diet is only part of the equation but here it is.

My current diet is pretty painless. It’s based on a 1500 calorie a day intake:

I got this # based on my Total Daily Energy Expenditure, my Basal Metabolic Rate, my Harris Benedict Equation Results and LOTS of trial and error.


I burn more than 800 calories during my workout– then I allow myself another 200-300 calories usually.

I burn 1000 or more calories–I just try to make healthy decisions and watch my carbs/sodium, and focus less on calories consumed. I listen to my body.

Eating 1500 calories isn’t super easy for me, I have quite the appetite, I am a snacker, and I like to sample other people’s food (how rude right?). I do my best and to be honest as long as my NET intake (Calories consumed – calories burned through exercise) is less than 1500 I am ok, if it’s closer to 1000-1200 I am stoked. This method of eating has helped me trim up and lose a little weight this year! *note- I measure and weigh my food like a crazy person, then log it all in MyFitnessPal, this is also REALLY important or I will under estimate everything I eat… it was a tough lesson to learn– 2T of Peanut Butter is not nearlllly enough for my inner fat kid *sigh*

I finally fit into most size 25 jeans or size 0 and I’m smaller on top usually an xs, I use my clothes and measurements as a guide because I don’t own a scale and I try not to weigh myself.

My diet consists of 6 days of (hopefully) healthy choices and a focus on protein. Eggs, egg whites, cottage cheese (no salt kind), greek yogurt, chicken etc. Veggies, pretty much any kind and fresh fruits also show up at every meal. I stay away from starchy foods as much as possible so when I do have something like bread it’s 1/2 or 1 slice etc. I’ve found foods I like to eat which I sometimes feel is the most important part of any plan. You can’t be happy only eating grapefruit, ya know?

Sunday is my diet day off and I go buck wild and eat whatever I want. I only have a handful of rules for Sunday:

1. EARN it! Work hard for the other 6 days of the week so you can really enjoy your day off
2. Always work out on cheat days. I “cheat” on my biggest workout day so that I am eating the most on the day that I burn the most calories and I feel less guilty.
3. Don’t eat until you are sick (I would seriously do this)
4. Don’t eat just to eat, but if you are hungry eat something you wouldn’t normally allow yourself.
5. Don’t stress about carbs/sugar or getting enough protein, just listen to your body and most of all…
6. ENJOY it! Eat your food slowly, there is no reason to rush through it. Enjoy every bite, you earned it. Try new things, stop when you are full, you can always finish it later.

It’s all about balance and that is what I work towards every day, hope this answers some questions and helps y’all.


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