The Merits of Strength Training

Monday was a rest day

Tuesday workout: 3mi run, recovery pace i.e. slow. 

Wednesday workout: 6mi run, 30min cardio strength– TIRED but I did it.

I’ve come to realize strength training is SO vital to a solid training plan. I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred in late March as a way to incorporate a strength routine and a plan that I would actually do. I knew that not having little spaghetti noodle arms and a strong core would help me in my running, but I hated committing time to anything but cardio. Jillian kicked my ass and I made huge improvements over the 3 levels of her Shred, but after 3 months of continuous Jillian I was about to punch a beezo. I now do a similar workout, but of my own creation.

3 sets of:

3 minutes 0f strength + 3 minutes of cardio+ 2 minutes of abs

It ends up being a 30 min cardio/strength workout, 200 or so calories burned and has been HUGE for my training.


“I used to think hey, I’m a runner why do I need to do weight training, especially for the lower body? Well, running tends to strengthen a particular set of muscles resulting in a major imbalance in the muscular make-up of your legs. This can make you more susceptible to certain types of injury, especially during long marathon training runs. Quadriceps especially can get neglected. For those of you who have already run a marathon you will know this is one of the hurting body parts after you finish.

You really need to be doing some weight training about three times a week (25 – 35 minutes per session is enough). I personally follow a full work-out routine to strengthen my arms, legs, lower back and abdomen.

 Upper body workouts will also help to improve your running form.

My goal is to do strength training 5x a week, every day except my rest day and my long run day (Fri/Sun). It’s a pain in the ass to stick to but people, if you are training for a race, lift those weights!!

Training for the marathon is going well I’m just TIRED after my all out push during the half-marathon last Sunday. I usually take about 5 days to bounce back after a workout like that, so I am taking my workouts slow and easy.

In other news…

Last night Phil took me to  a play at the La Jolla Playhouse. I saw a billboard for Sleeping Beauty Awakes (a play with an apparently amazing soundtrack about a princess?!?!? Yes, Please!), and told him I really wanted to go  to the LPH because it is literally across the street from our house. He picked up tickets and we made it a date.

First: Happy hour at Roy’s, our original choice of restaurants was closed so we picked somewhere we had never been. I really just wanted a glass of wine and some pretty appetizers. Roy’s was amazing and 1.5 glasses of wine later I was feeling a bit tipsy, so I ate some sweet potato fries and calamari of course, good thing I skipped lunch to save room for dinner. The food presentation was really pretty I wish I would have taken a picture but I was too distracted by the Little League World Cup on TV… ridic, so all you get is a picture of my half full wine glass. Happy hour is an amazing creation, I would like to shake hands with whomever started it. 3 drinks and 4 appetizers later (don’t you dare judge me) our bill was $37. Win.

The La Jolla Playhouse is really nice, well funded and surprisingly intimate. The play was amazing and I would have to say that the P-Love did an amazing job planning our date night.

Oh, P.S. eBay was a huge success!

This is what $250 looks like woohoo!!!


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