I am Crazy

Holy crap. It has been a crazy couple of days!!!

P left town Thursday morning at 4:30am, that set him up to arrive at White Mtn. around noon and I figured he would get settled, possibly run some tests and get in touch with me no later than 2:30pm-3:00pm. I was planning on heading to our local shopping mall and spending some of my newly earned eBay money, but by the time I had worked out, cleaned and showered it was almost noon. I thought I would hang around the house and work on random things that needed working on until P hopped online so that I could say “hi” before I headed out (yeah we are co-dependent like that). 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm all went by, I was really trying not to worry. “It’s a snowy mtn. road, maybe they had to have someone come down to get them.” “Maybe they stopped for food and he doesn’t have service.” “Maybe his phone died and he doesn’t know my number by heart.” “May some crazy Standford Experiment shit is going down and I should get ready to kill a bitch.” “Maybe he wrecked the car and I am going to have to figure everything out” <– you see my crazy increases very fast.

*source- http://raggedshirts.com

I told myself to wait until 5pm and then start doing some research. At 4:45 I googled the White Mountain road conditions and weather, which looked fine but clearly our Yaris wouldn’t be able to drive up the last bit which is 4wd only and still snowbound. The weather was fine. I called the Inyo County Sheriffs Office *blush* yes, I really did. It gets worse, as I start to calmly explain that my boyfriend is 51/2 (it’s 5:30 by this time) hours late to call me and I just want to make sure that there were no accidents etc. I start BAWLING to some sheriff’s deputy. He calmly talks to me (after putting me on hold 11 million times for real emergencies) and explains that he sees no road reports or accidents but I will want to call the CHP in Bishop to ask them as well. He even offers to have a sheriff go out to the base station and try to get ahold of Phil. I told him that I would call the CHP first and if they couldn’t help me, I would call him back. Sheriff Kevin, you are amazing sir.

I called the direct line for dispatch with Bishop CHP and the woman dispatcher was also amazing. She took my information, told me that no accidents, incidents or INCARCERATIONS had been reported (wtf he’s a ginger grad student, they are incapable of crime) that day and gave me the direct line for White Mountain Research Station. I called said number, left a message for some poor schmuck named Gary who was listed as the emergency contact and then proceeded to wait, and twiddle my thumbs because I was capable of nothing more. Good ole’ mountain man Gary calls me back, talks to me like I’m a weirdo and finally gives me the direct line to the Alpine Station. I call there after 7pm and get some academicy-sciency soundy guy, who jovially tells me Phil is right there. Commence the bawling…

*I can only image that at this moment Phil is thinking, “Holy Fuck, she found me way out here, I must be in some deep shit.”

I was, more than anything, just happy that he was ok. He basically had to get a ride to the top of the mountain, immediately started testing, and I called about 10 min after they had gotten to the station. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have earned my crazy GF card.

P-Money having tea atop White Mtn….?

Needless to say, Thursday was not very productive and I didn’t even think about blogging so I have a whole shitton of things to talk about over the next few posts.

oh yeah,

Thursday workout: 3mi run + strength training which was such a pain in the ass but I did it anyway!


3 thoughts on “I am Crazy

  1. 1. Love the outfit. I wish I could pull something like that off!
    2. Matt and I are so punctual to everything when we were 15 minutes late to a friend’s house last weekend he told us he thought we died. In all seriousness, I would also FREAK. You aren’t a psycho GF, you’re a thoughtful and concerned GF. (A good example of a psycho significant other is my ex who called CHP and local law enforcement after I cancelled a trip to see him because I got into a fender-bender. He called them to verify I wasn’t lying. Yikes.)
    3. I’ve been camping twice this summer and I’ve fallen back in love with nature. Where do you and Phil go nearby when you want a relatively easy nature walk?

    1. Thanks for the compliment, you could totes pull that outfit off, you would just look more racktastic!! Outdoors:
      Penasquitos Canyon is my fav, and it’s really close to UCSD if you ever want to leave straight from campus.
      Torrey Pines is always good on a week day, esp. if you leave the paved path and wander the trails.
      Mission Trails, out by SDSU it has some really pretty parts and fun little mountains to hike up.

      1. Thanks! I bought a book a while back that lists all the local trails and I had Penasquitos at the top of my list. I might need to check that out this weekend.

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