AFC Half Marathon Tomorrow!

After my run-in with the crazy, life went back to normal.

When Phil leaves town I get a little depressed, the house is SO quiet without him here, it makes me want a dog even more than normal!

I have two options when I am depressed, shop, or eat until I am happy. Well, the economy is in trouble and my consumerism will help so I tend to choose shopping (that’s right, I do it for Ameri-cuh). I did some shopping at University Town Center, our local mall, which is pretty nice!

I am a serious shopper.Very rarely do I just buy something. I look at it, try it on, look it up online to try and find a cheaper price, seriously think about if I will wear it or not– and then, make the decision to buy or not.

Yesterday I did my recon/research trip. I rode my bike to UTC (bad idea). I am not so good at understanding traffic laws… in a car much less on a bike. I never know what to do if there is a right hand turn lane coming up, do I stay to the far right of the road? or do I ride the line in the middle of the straight lane and the turn lane (that’s what I did). See Picture…. I wanted to go straight through the intersection, not get on the EFFING Interstate… what should I have done? Apparently I did wrong b/c some beezo in an SUV yelled at me… I’m a Sensitive Sally, so ofc I took it totally personal and considered taking defensive cycling classes so I learn the laws. Then I remember I live in a community of entitled A** holes and decide to say EFF IT.

During my shopping research I found bras that fit!!!! yay!!! and that I am a cup size smaller… BOO. I also found my boots and tried them on! I loved them, love love love. I bought some slacks and a shirt and a yellow purse because I have wanted one for at least 3 fall seasons! (It was also SUPER on sale).

When I got home I saw that my eBay stuff was nearing the end of its auction time and that I have made nearly $250! eBay money= boots!!! I went back to Nordys today to buy my boots, yayyy. Steve Madden knee-high wedge boots, perfect color, perfect size, doo dee dooo yes Mr. Nice Man in a Suit, ring me up, I can stomach $225 for boots (esp. since lovey said he would buy me one boot) so really they were only costing me $112 or so… laaa deee daaa WTF $350!!??!?!? NO, these are too perfect, but that is above my price limit, by, like, a lot. Turns out Steve Madden is a sneaky bastard. His upscale line Steven has a boot almost identical to the one I want from his normal Steve Madden line… eff it I want to show Phil so I paid for them and resolved to return them on Monday. As I left Nordstrom I went online to buy the actual boot- sold out in my size. FML REALLY? I called my closest SM store and apparently they aren’t even in stores yet… oops teehee, but will be in a few weeks. The woman I spoke to took my # down and will call me when they come in, and I will buy them that day. Suckers.

Let’s rewind though. Race day is tomorrow! The #1 thing on my to-do list today was to get race bibs for P-Runner and I. P left me a photocopy of his license with a note saying I could pick up his # and so off I went this morning. I was driving his truck, a beast of a Chevy. It’s so big that when I went to rest my elbow on the door panel without thinking my elbow didn’t reach and I smacked the side of my face on the window as I fell. Seriously. People kept looking at me like… why does that tiny person have a large truck with flowmasters? To make matters more confusing, I was listening to some sweet beats, like Nsync and the Cranberries. Hell Yes.

The traffic to get to effing stupid mofo Harbor Island, since that is where the effing San Diego International Airport is (hellooooo, Saturday during summer, nice call on the expo time, date and location people…) was INSANE. Oh also, P’s gas gauge in his truck is erm finnicky. He told me that as long as the odometer read 180 or less I was good to drive to the expo and back. Odometer upon entering the truck 197. Shit. My plan was to get gas on the way home. As I sat in dead standstill traffic (this next part goes to show I have no concept of gas mileage) I could practically feel the idling engine EATING gas at like 1 gallon per minute. Since the gauge didn’t work I just *knew* I would run out of gas (righttt). I google mapped the distance to the expo, 2 miles. Hell yes I can walk 2 miles, I am about to run 13 tomorrow… lazy ass runners. Geez. I parked and walked the round trip 4 miles, secured our bibs and t-shirts and honestly… got there and back faster than the people in cars. Suckers.

Needless to say I am exhausted!

Saturday workout: was supposed to be a rest day but 3-4 hours of walking.

My feet need a soak if I am going to pound the pavement tomorrow!

To carb load I had my lucky meal: Avocado and Veggie Sando

For dinner (I’m not feeling so hot uhoh) I had a protein shake with cereal to make sure I got enough cals in even though I’m not hungry.

To make up for being so crazy. I bought Phil a chocolate covered Oreo from Godiva which inspired me to make a dessert for him to nom tomorrow after our race.

Oreo Cream Delights!

It’s a combo of all his fav desserts. Chocolate chip cookie crust/base with an Oreo cream pie filling and little mini Oreo’s on top for added cuteness ;-).

Goodnight and good luck to all you racer’s tomorrow and to everyone else who has a Sunday workout planned too!!!


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