Back to School Shopping

For the better part of 2 decades I was a lucky American kid one weekend every August– Back-to-school shopping!!! I certainly miss those days, and find myself with a growing “want” list this time of year.

These are a few things on my list at the moment. Phil, take notes for my b-day ;-).

The new Fiat– Is this not the cutest little car you have ever seen?!!!

Nixon Kensington- I want one in silver, one in gold

Steve Madden’s Meteour Boot. ZOMG ZOMFG I need these NOW!!!!


Wednesday workout: 5mi run, 30min bike ride

Good 5mi workout, night run again. I really need to get back into the swing of getting my workouts in before 8am, I love it so much more.

We have a half marathon on Sunday!!! America’s Finest City half marathon which runs from Cabrillo Nat’l Monument to Balboa Park. Phil and I have a sub 2 hour goal. Our last half marathon was 2:00:55, so we can totally do it–provided I don’t have to pee/trip/tie my shoe.

Today we brought back Whole Foods Wednesday so that P-Love and I could enjoy a dinner together in the sunshine (while it lasted) before he has to be a lab rat all weekend. He will be finishing up his run as a high altitude test subject/guinea pig. I rode my bike to WF, and saw THIS little buddy while I was there. Most well-behaved pup EVER.

I had baked tofu (not pictured because I was SO hungry I ate it all in like .02 seconds), yerba maté tea, tofu spring rolls and a Chobani peach yogurt. Godzirra was not pleased and needed more food so I topped it off with an entire pint of Arctic Zero… today was a hungry day!!



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