Beach Walks and a Mental Health Day


Monday workout: crosstrain day, 2 hour walk on the beach, hills and flat.

Yesterday was a designated crosstraining day. Hal Higdon says that crosstraining is anything that isn’t running. So, walking, swimming, cycling or jog/walk combos are acceptable. He warns against activities like soccer or basketball because the pivoting action gives your muscles more strain than recovery, and crosstraining Mondays are all about recovering from long run Sundays.

Crosstraining… Let me explain. I have a bike. I love my bike. It’s a vintage 1985 Univega… it rules. It is however, not ideal for getting my heart rate up and really getting a workout, it’s a transportation mobile, not a workout bike. Not to add that I feel ridic when people ride past me on their all titanium (seriously) $7,000+ (seriously) bikes. Cycling in La Jolla is a super elitist, super pretentious thing and I don’t feel worthy (sob sob sob). Swimming? No pool and you are out of your mind if you think I am jumping in the Pacific Ocean. So for now it will be light jog/walk combos and long walks and the occasional bike ride.

WTF right?

P-Money and I chatted and strolled down the hill and along our beach. The beach nearest our house dead ends at a sea wall after about 1mi if you walk south, if you walk north you hit Black’s Beach… a nude beach. Yesterday was cold, gloomy, chilly, deffo not “let it all hang out” weather, so P and I though we would be safe. Oh no, my friends. You know what nudists do when it’s cold and they are at the beach? Shirt, jacket, shoes, socks, backpack, scarf– NO PANTS. We saw one dude– Homeboy was about 40, running barefoot on the packed sand with a backpack and shorts on, obviously working his ass off. P and I both commented about how hardcore he was, how great it was to see someone working hard, yadda yadda, good job guy… then he stops… takes off his shorts…. Ohhh yeah, old man bouncing balls and a backpack… just what I need to see on my workout. We deffo walked home a bit faster than we walked out.

Tuesday workout: 3mi run, 27min, evening run, good vibes, felt recovered from Sunday’s long run. 30 min cardio strength session.

Today was a mental health day for me. I couldn’t get to sleep last night until appx. 2:30am (I’m normally lights out by 10pm at the latest) and when I woke up this morning, I felt like a doughy bag of smashed assholes. Yes, that bad. I didn’t want to run, do anything productive/drag my ass out of bed at all. However, UCSD Coast Apartments had something else in mind– Dudes in orange vests cutting trees down outside. I HATE the noise that loud power tools, Harley Davidsons and vacuums make, HATE HATE HATE, so I knew I had to get out of the house. I put my life and responsibilities on hold took advantage of a nifty little San Diego treat.

Balboa Park. Every Tuesday Balboa has several of the various museums/gardens set to be free for SD County residents. Today was: SD Museum of Art, Museum of Man, Japanese Tea/Friendship and the Mengei Museum (plus the botanical garden which is always free!). We packed a picnic lunch and headed to the Park. It was exactly what I needed. Once we were 5 mi inland from the coast, the fog cleared up and it was high 70s and gorgeous out.

Botanical Garden. P had his first Heath Bar here; he loved it.

Japanese Tea Garden

Highlights of my day, besides the park??

Chai Tea from Peets- My fav.

Sent my Oma and Opa really adorable pictures from my trip to Seattle in May.

My biceps are getting ripped!

This Dessert:

It tastes like it was made with Pixie Dust, Unicorn Tears and a dash of Narcotics…

1 chocolate vitatop 100 cals

2T CoolWhip 25 cals

Make an effing whoopie pie!!! It tastes just like one of those hostess cream filled cupcakes ZOMG SOGOOD!!!

This new house in the hood… I want it like whoa… HUGENORMOUS AND uninterrupted ocean views.

It’s 10:16pm!!!! Past my bedtime, goodnight!!!!

Happy trainings xoxo



4 thoughts on “Beach Walks and a Mental Health Day

  1. It appears the cold weather dress code at Black’s is the same as my apartment. Too bad we also have construction workers outside starting at 7am for another month. No sans pants days for Natalie anytime soon 😦

    I was trying to take Peanut to Balboa this morning, we may have run into you if we’d found parking! I gave myself a salon day in North Park instead. If you ever have a Sunday morning off you should pop into Disconnected on 30th for a shampoo/scalp massage. Best $20 you’ll ever spend!!

  2. Fittie: I love the photos. You’re biceps are hee-yuge! Anytime you want another mental health day I’m down πŸ™‚

    Natalie: you and the boys at Black’s should hang out sometime…

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