9 Miles and a Bucket of Clam Chowda

First things first! My crap is up on eBay… browse away.

eBay Stuffs!

It only took my about an hour to put everything up, eff garage sales, hopefully I will waste less by giving my crap new homes yay! It takes me at least 2 weeks to drag a box of stuff to a donation center, so this was certainly more time effective.

Sunday Workout: 9 mile run, slow pace

Hal Higdon says to run our long runs at 45-90 seconds slower than our race pace so that’s what we do. I like that there is no pressure on long run days. I get to jog along next to Phil and enjoy my run. Today was great, I had to pee around mile 2.5, which was the only annoying part of the run.

Does anyone know how to strategically eat/drink so that you don’t have to take a bathroom break during a full marathon?!

I ate my GU at our halfway point. I definitely eat Clif Shot Bloks faster than I can suck down a Gu but it was still worth the try. This Gu (jet blackberry) had 2x the caffeine of the others, so I totally had some pep in my step during the second half of the run. We initially planned on jogging a route around Cabrillo Nat’l Monument, but there is a naval base there, so that plan was a no go. Pesky barbed wire…

Changed up plans had us running Harbor Island to the San Diego Maritime Museum and USS Midway, beautiful run, we even saw a flash of blue sky. Gloomy days here in SD, sadly, unlike this picture of what Harbor Island should  look like on a Summer day.

Strategically, our out and back finished at our dinner place of choice. Point Loma Seafoods!!!  We DESTROYED this mess! 

I found a new hot sauce I need to add to my collection. Phil wouldn’t let me steal the one on the table… sad day.

I finished my diet day off with a strong workout, and a net of 1500 calories. I didn’t eat until I was sick (sounds weird, but I *will* do this if I don’t remind myself to chill the eff out) I enjoyed my food, tried to eat it slowly and thought about the ways I will do better this week. These diet days off are a win. Also, based on all the calculations online (harris benedict etc) 1500 net calories is my “maintenance” so I try to not go over that on days off. Yes, that means that today, I ate 2500 calories.

MyFitnessPal Diary nomnomnom

Sure did, I earned it 🙂 Now I am going to give into this food coma…..ZZZzzzz


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