Painting, Baking and Pacing My Weekend Away

About 2 weeks ago I had a realization: Everything our apartment is black– tables, couch, desk, bookcase etc. I don’t know what got into me when I bought everything, but I knew it was time to change. I love black and white and modern furniture (my mother is barfing at this right now).

So, we did what any frugal couple would do…We went to IKEA, and then bought some paint.

The chair is done ๐Ÿ™‚ but the rest is still in progress. Basically lots of white and lighting is being implemented to make my crazy ass happy. Redecorating is fun, especially getting to share the place we call home with other people. I promised Phil I would buy no more pillows, so now I have my eye on some amazing flatware… is this what growing up feels like? FML.

Friday was a rest day, I am getting better at being ok with my rest days, it actually felt good. I spent a solid chunk of the day getting my crap up on Ebay, as soon as everything is up I will link it here woohoo!

Saturday workout: 5mi pace run, 46:11, good clip, felt great + 30min cardio strength

Our pace runs may be my favorite workout of the week. I push it a little harder than normal, feel the way my body adapts to speed, and then I dream about being as fast as this girl. I love feeling my body get stronger, which never used to happen. I was never eating enough to get stronger, but now!! I can see my legs changing shape and my body adapting to the new workout routine. I never thought marathon training could be fun. Ever. We have a half marathon in 2 weeks and the goal is to finish it in under 2 hours. Fingers crossed that we can do it!

This morning I made P-Money breakfast: Egg omelet and home made tiny potato cube things, but not everything in these parts is fancy– like leftover pasta for dinner that is stuck in the shape of its tupperware.ย I was a salad machine today and had salad for lunch and dinner. Big giant salads with tofu and beans.

Tomorrow is not only my diet day off, but also our 9 miler. We are running to Point Loma Seafoods, so that I can eat clam chowder in a bread bowl :). Well, try to eat half of a massive clam chowder in a bread bowl with Phil.

It feels like fall in San Diego. Heavy cloud cover that sits around all day, maybe breaking up for 2-3 hours midday, cool breezes and crisp air. The weather made me want to bake, so tonight Phil is getting a from scratch Pumpkin Pie. I will have to really work hard to not eat any of this bad boy, but I am determined to stick with my training meal plan and pumpkin pie isn’t there, except tomorrow, a few bites of Pumpkin Pie may happen tomorrow.;-) Thank the running gods for days off.

I have a few friends who are really working hard and struggling with diet and exercise and they have reached out to me for advice and help. I feel like helping them and encouraging them to be healthy has only inspired me to be more focused and work hard to follow my own advice. Miss Elizabeth and Kate, you guys are fabulous and your hard work inspires mine.

This weekend has been a homey, adorable, vom-worthy mess over here, I hope you all are having as good of a time.



2 thoughts on “Painting, Baking and Pacing My Weekend Away

    1. gah… I don’t have anything real regimented, just a method. Eat 1500 cals most days, keep carbs down, stay away from empty calories/processed food and workout hard ๐Ÿ™‚

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